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New York

I Think I Stepped in Knowledge

Hey Team,

I’m in New York right now waiting to go to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey this weekend with one of the girls who 1. HAPPENED to be staying with the same people I was in Orlando and 2. HAPPENS to work for Six Flags. It was important to make it back up here this weekend because Kingda Ka, the fastest roller coaster in the country (#36!), only has two more days of operation between now and April. Today and tomorrow.

In the meantime I’ve been slowly exploring more and more of New York and, reluctantly, I have to admit that this place sucks less each time I visit.

Yesterday I wandered past the New York City Public Library and felt compelled to check out the scene. From the outside it had the typical Greek architecture of a hundred year old building made to impress people (which it did). And as I walked up the marble steps I could feel the deep troughs worn into them by years of people questing for knowledge.

Granted, my shoes are wearing kind of thin.

Honestly though, it kind of gave me that warm fuzzy feeling to know that so many people had walked up those More >

Train Travel FTW

Hey Team,

I don’t have a lot of time, or the connection for a lengthy update today, but that’s okay…cause I think the picture says it all.

Also, I saw a man with his prayer rug out on the floor. Admirable…but I wonder how frustrating it is when east keeps moving.

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of the kindness of strangers:

Why NOT be a kind stranger?

Niagara Falls…on my head

Hey Team,

As a pure bred Californian, I hate rain. I realize “hate” is a strong word.

I HATE rain.

More importantly I hate being stuck in rain in a strange city with no leads on shelter and a backpack full of technology. And that has been happening far too often lately. Boston has spit on me, Philadelphia has drenched me and New York flat out ATTACKED me.

The last night Stephen, my sister and I spent in New York we decided we had had enough of the Big Apple (1. Does anyone still call it that? 2. Why did anyone EVER call it that?) and we were going to move on to Boston. We found a bus that went from Chinatown in NY to Boston for only $15. Granted, I had heard some slightly disconcerting things about the bus line and even the website said something along the lines of, “Don’t expect the driver to speak English.” But fifteen bucks! How could we lose? So we headed towards the “Fung Wah” bus. (Before you get the wrong idea, this story isn’t about the bus. In fact it was a disappointingly normal bus ride and there wasn’t a single old Asian lady with a live More >

I Got Screwed…The Other Guy Got Nailed

Hey Team,

Guess who’s 10% done crossing random objectives off of his life controlling inanimate list! If you didn’t guess me, you suck at this game.

It’s been another busy week of bad traveling but I think that everything will calm down a little on that front. The last of the scheduled events from this month are out of the way so as strange as it sounds I have a little more freedom now (Brett, you’re saying you have more freedom now than you did last week when you were still an unemployed vagrant? Yes.)

Trying to slog through hours of footage for the podcast has made life a little daunting too. I’m sorry I’ve been putting so much focus on that instead of updating the articles. I’m trying to find a better balance. Honest! So, I hope today makes up for some of my slacking. Here’s a new story! AND later today that video I’ve been promising may appear!

Okay, the question on the tip of everyone’s lips? What the crap has Brett been doing all week?! I’ll skip to the good part.

I was in New York last week with the little sis and her dude and guess what I saw! (Yes, I More >

Pre-sliced American Cheese

Hey Team,

I’m on a train on the way to New York right now. Eventually, after sitting in an airport for hours on end I’ll be on my way to Sacramento to see my Best Friend get married. Needless to say it’s giving me a lot of downtime to think. And the way said thoughts are rolling around expect this story to be both cheesy and rambling…however, I AM easily distracted so for all I know I’ll get six lines in and start talking about some shiny object I saw.

Speaking of shiny objects, the family across the aisle from me has a MacBook Pro also…except it’s newer than Charley. I hope he doesn’t get jealous. I don’t know that you could actually call it SHINIER than Charley but…hmm…I forgot what I was going to write about.


As a result of using Boston as an impromptu base of operations over the last week, making several trips out and back, I made quite a few friends in “The Walking City.” And I have to say; it made it surprisingly difficult to leave. Although I didn’t “technically” know any of these people for very long they were still so generous and kind that it literally More >

Spare Change

Hey Team,

I was in New York yesterday and feeling pretty disgusting. The day before, I had jogged several miles with my pack, milked a cow, mowed a lawn and slept on a park bench in front of a closed train station. Disgusting is probably an understatement considering I still hadn’t had a chance to shower. But then the most amazing thing happened! A bum asked me for change.

Because this is America, and I know that above all else appearance is what really matters, I can rest easy knowing that at least in one tattered man’s eyes I was still on the winning team. If I can cross 48 and 47/48th more items off my list while still maintaining the appearance of someone that can “spare change” I’ll know I’ve done the best I can. And since I’m still on a cow milking high I’m feeling pretty optimistic.

Okay kids, I’ll post some Connecticut pics a little later but most of the last two days have been travel, so for now…

I’m done.


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