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New York

Toxic Stupidity Spill

Hey Team,

Here’s a super quick update so I can go jump on a bus real quick and go try to clean up the stupidity spill I caused this morning. (Which, once again, wouldn’t be a problem if I were capable of planning ahead more than half a step. But that’s what makes me so endearing, right? Right? Arrgh.)

Had I looked into the actual logistics of what my head thought sounded like a perfect plan for this week I would have discovered that there is only one bus a day that heads toward the great (I assume) state of South Dakota. And it leaves at 11pm. From New York. Arriving almost two days later.

So suddenly I found myself under a ridiculous time crunch that would either prevent me from driving a race car in South Dakota or going through a coal mine in Pennsylvania. Luckily the coal mine isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. But several people have already put in the legwork to ensure that the race car adventure happens this Friday. (Which means I assured everyone I’d be there by Thursday. Which is officially impossible unless I can stir up a ride somewhere from the Chicago area. It’s not detrimental More >

#16 Learn to Sail! [podcast]

Hey Team,

Here it is! After acting like a sick little sissy for a week I finally managed to finish up the sailing podcast! Enjoy!

“Amtrekker travels to New York City of all places to learn to sail in the Hudson River courtesy of the Atlantic Yachting Association! In two short days he manages to break sailing and earn his keel boat certification!

“Heaving to”ensues.”

And here’s the YouTube link!

Thanks, Team!

I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.

Metal Underpants and Nostalgia

Hey Team,

Today was the last day in New York for a while and I decided it was finally time to check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I love museums but on this adventure I tend to avoid touristy stuff (as much out of budget concerns as a desire to see all the stuff that most people don’t get the opportunity to) so it’s always kind of a special treat to get to partake. Sometimes it’s an EXTRA special treat.

One of the new exhibits at the Met this month was a show on Super Heroes and their influence on fashion design! They even had original costumes from several movies (1978 Superman, The Dark Knight, Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Catwoman…it was some really cool stuff)! I couldn’t help but think, “Wow, those look even less comfortable in real life.”

I’d love to try one of those costumes on just to see how irritating it would be to try to film a movie in one. (Hmm…someone write that down for Amtrekker 2.0.) Can you even imagine stumbling to the craft services table wearing the Iron Man costume and trying to shove a blueberry muffin through that face hole? Or WORSE, imagine More >

I Sailed. I’m a Sailor. I Can Sail Things. (No Big Deal)

Hey Team,

This week has been absolutely insane. This is the first moment I’ve had to sit down and write and not feel like I have to knock things out and get on to my next activity. INSTEAD, I get to sit tight, feel clean for the first time in a month and toss things around in my own head a bit.

People tell me all that time that life is about the journey not the destination. No place does that seem more true than sailing.

Thanks to the guys over at the Atlantic Yachting Association I spent the last two days going through a course to get my Basic Keel Boating certification. It was an undeniably awesome experience and for a guy that used to live on a boat on the Pacific Ocean (and still never managed to learn to sail…let’s not dwell on that) it was such a bizarre scene to be sailing a boat between skyscrapers on the Hudson River.

Both days started off with VERY light wind and were actually pretty far down the road on their way to Dulltown. That’s when it really hit home that in some cases it’s probably not worth trying to get anywhere while you’re sailing. More >

Boring Ol’ News, Exciting New Fun

Hey Team,

Today was a crazy busy day and I’m a little too exhausted to go into much detail. (I have to wake up early and it’s almost early already.) But I have to get the news out there.

I went sailing on the Hudson River today! And to be perfectly honest, once lunchtime came around I was starting to think, “Oh man, I thought sailing was going to be SO much more fun…”

But after lunch the wind started to pick up and things got WAY more interesting. I LOVED it! I seriously can’t wait until tomorrow. And the great thing is it turns out the guys at the Atlantic Yacht Association actually set me up in a full on beginner’s course that comes with some sort of certification on completion.

More on sailing tomorrow.

After that I got a chance to catch up with a couple of the Totally Rad Show guys for a slice of pizza before I had to hightail it back across the city to cleanup before heading back across the town AGAIN to record an audio podcast with the “Dead Air” guys!

Turns out every step of the way on my busy day was a blast!

(Sadly that means I don’t have it More >

Stuff to Gawk At

Hey Team,

The podcast is compressing but it wont be done before I take off for the live Diggnation taping so it’ll make it up tomorrow morning.

In other news: I realize this is supposed to be cute and cool and make me want to buy watermelons but does this remind anyone else of “Hannibal?” How come 1) This little dude is so happy after having his head bashed in and 2) No one is stopping him from selling off little pieces of his friends whom I can only assume he has murdered?

AND I was so terrified of getting a ticket that you’ll never believe how many shots I had to take before I could get a picture of this sign that wasn’t blurry. New York in a nutshell I guess.

I’ll be here in the “Big Apple” (Do people still call it that?) for the rest of the week thanks to the Atlantic Yachting Association and their incredible offer to teach me to sail this weekend. So if you’re around let me know!

Okay, gotta go!

I’m done.


Buy me a slice of watermelon?

Don’t let me stop you.

#7 See a Live Taping of The Colbert Report! [podcast]

Hey Team,

It’s HERE! Wait no longer!

Amtrekker travels to New York to see a live taping of The Colbert Report but his podcast is foiled when security takes away his video camera!

What are they hiding from America!

Canned laughter ensues.

Annnd, here’s the YouTube link!


I’m done.


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New News

Hey Team,

As if my life hasn’t been surreal enough for the last ten months things have just been getting progressively weirder. Here’s a fun fact: Since Friday in only four days four different Amtrekker interviews will be aired nationally a total of eleven times! How crazy is that?

Made crazier by the thought that nothing else has really changed. I still managed to find myself sitting up in a donut shop in New York because I was too dumb to arrange for a place to stay here before jumping on the bus in Boston at 11:30pm. So suddenly I found myself in Chinatown on Manhattan at 3:15 in the morning with no idea how I was supposed to fill the seven and a half hours before my next interview and no hope sleeping in that intervening time.

On the upside I’ve finally gotten around to reading all of the email I’ve received over the last week. AND, not only that but I even responded to at LEAST four pieces. That’s almost one WHOLE percent! Way to go me!

At 10:40 am today (Monday) all you Canadians will be able to see the Amtrekker interview happen live on CTV’s Canada AM. I can’t guarantee More >

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