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Silly Hat Bachelor Party! [updated with pictures!]

Hey Team,

Here’s a fun story that should probably start with an apology, so…

I’m sorry. Mostly to all the folks I handed Amtrekker business cards to yesterday (especially since many of these people were REALLY cool). Why the apology, you ask? Because (hopefully) those folks are reading the site today and learning that I helped lie to their faces. (In a fun way?)

I’m still hanging around the North East waiting for the 23rd to roll around so I can check out the Colbert Report and Monday I’ll be in Boston to film a podcast about the marathon. But right now I’m in Cape Cod. And how do you make a spontaneous trip to Cape Cod even MORE fun?

First, grab a group of friends that you would never have even met if you hadn’t decided to leave your home and your job behind in an immature effort to accomplish a nearly completely random list of goals you’ve accumulated. THEN, pick one guy out of that group at random to be the “bachelor” for the weekend!

My Saturday mostly involved walking around quiet seaside towns in “The Cape” wearing silly hats with a spider painted on my cheek (for charity of course) telling folks More >

Fifty Objective Pickup

Hey Team,

Ever play fifty-two card pickup? You know how there’s always that clump of cards in the middle that are easy to grab but then you spend the next twenty minutes looking for the last few? Yeah. It’s like that…but with two less cards.

I’m a little frustrated this week. I have to be in New York on the 23rd and that’s too soon to bail to another piece of the country but I don’t want to just sit around WAITING for the 23rd to come.

In the plus column the Boston Marathon is this weekend so I might stick around and check that out.

Okay, less talk of frustration more focus on the new and exciting.

There’s an Amtrekker Twitter account now! If you have one too the URL is: http://twitter.com/amtrekker

And if you DON’T have an account you still get to see the updates right here on the site! It’s that new box over on the right hand side of the homepage that says, appropriately enough, “Twitter Updates.”

So what IS Twitter? Good question…I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s kind of web 2.0ish in that it’s a social application but it’s also kind of like blogging 140 characters at a time. So More >

Be Wary of VD

Hey Team,

I LOVE movies. I’ve always enjoyed going to the movies. If I have nothing to do and I get kind of bored, I go watch a movie. There are quite a few people out there that get kind of skittish about going to see a flick alone but more often than not, I prefer it.

However, it turns out that watching a movie alone on the average Wednesday afternoon and watching a movie alone on Valentine’s Day are two VERY different propositions. Suddenly being that guy sitting there alone with his one chair buffer on either side takes on a whole different tone.

I put myself in other people’s shoes everyday. I’m constantly thinking to myself, “How would another person approach this situation?” Or, “What was that chicks motivation for biting the head off that pigeon?” Unfortunately, that was bad practice for yesterday.

I know for a fact that if I were out at a movie on a Valentine’s Day date and I saw a dude sitting by himself watching ANY movie I would almost definitely pity him. (I hate the idea of anyone ever pitying me.) Now add to the equation that one of the movies I watched More >

Don’t Forget to Smile

Hey Team,

It seems the cranberry bog podcast has led to me getting the same question from different angles over and over again, so here I am to lay to waste your curiosity. The question goes a little something like this:

“What happened with the cops?”

I don’t want to make you work for it so here’s the lesson you should be pulling from the following words: Speak quickly and don’t stop smiling.

I was still in the box truck putting on my pants and shoes as the officer pulled up behind me and stopped near Michael.

“Hey, are you guys traveling around in that thing?” Bare in mind, all that’s in the truck is a lantern hanging above a coffee table with three chairs set around it, a futon mattress pushed up against one wall like a couch and some dude putting his clothes on.

Mike looks at the cop and says, “No.”

“You sure? It looks like he’s sleeping in there.”


“What are you guys doing?”

“Hey Brett, could you come here?”

“Hey officer,” Don’t forget to smile. Who would believe that anyone just caught red-handed doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing would be happy? “My name’s Brett. I’m traveling around the country…not in this truck More >


Cranberries and Pennsylvanians [video]

Hey Team,

I made it to Charlottesville, Virginia this morning safe and sound after driving straight through the night with Ryan, a Mansfield, PA resident, suffering from only very minor exhaustion. (And by minor I mean I only slid into unconsciousness against my will when I was sitting down or standing still, never when I was walking. Of course that made for a pretty embarrassing stretch at a local Starbucks. Lucky for Charley, I don’t drool.)

I was planning on writing up a rundown of my holiday layover spent under the care of the Pennsylvania ladies (Up, down, over, under…geez, I’m clever.) but I had a little extra time this morning and managed to finish up the cranberry podcast.

So, I’ll just say I had a great time with all of Jena and Theresa’s family members over the last few days and I’m a little disappointed I had to say goodbye again. Easily the toughest aspect of this adventure is constantly saying goodbye to all the awesome people I meet.

Okay…let’s get right to more of Brett being a sissy and making a fool of himself.

Leave comments, digg the page and podcast and…enjoy!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player. var WT1_1 More >

Enough Wading Already

Hey Team,

There’s been a whole lot of wading going on in the last couple days. Most importantly I went wading through a cranberry bog yesterday! Granted, it almost killed me and I’m more than a little surprised I didn’t lose any toes to frostbite but it’s done. And I have to admit it seemed like a much better idea six months ago when it made it on the list and the weather was nice and warm than it did yesterday when I was standing in front of an irrigation canal with my pants around my ankles.

I’ll even admit I may have lost my normally calm and cool composure when I started screaming things like, “NO NOO I CHANGED MY MIND!!!!” and “PLEASE GOD HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE I CAN’T FEEL MY FEET!!!” but all’s well that ends well, right? I can’t wait to get the video up so you guys can see how pathetic I’m capable of being. (Sometimes sarcasm just doesn’t sound right in type.)

Speaking of video, that’s where the rest of the wading comes in, I have a pile of tapes next to me as I type this and it amounts to about five podcasts More >

Ode to Amtrekker

Hey Team,

I’m not good at being cold I miss warm weather I’ve even been told It won’t get any better

I spent the whole day Wandering the city If only it were May It wouldn’t be such a pity

Went to Wendy’s for a meal Listened to bums fight What’s the big deal? Is gay marriage such a blight?

A lady gave me a haircut Outside it just got colder I wanted to leave the store, but “If I go, I’ll freeze,” I told ‘er

I finally filmed the close For the next podcast Can’t wait til it shows Better edit fast

The site needs sponsors Email to join the fun Don’t want to be like the Dinosaurs Without some help I’m done

Time to move on now To the next adventures Maybe lobster boat or ride a cow? Whatever, I’ll take lots of pictures

Okay, this weather’s getting old I’m gonna go hit the hay Eff you cold. Eff you in your stupid ay


If you liked my Ode to Amtrekker you should donate, if you didn’t you should write your own freakin’ poem. Jerk.

Do it.

Now What?

Hey Team,

I’m still kind of stuck while I wait to hear from some people about my next location. (Stupid winter going around scaring me with the threat of death on a park bench…slows everything down.) But I’m getting antsy and may just risk it and move on anyway. I’m not very good at sitting still…even when “sitting still” means “further exploring a city I enjoy being in and spending time with people whose company I genuinely enjoy.”

Granted I just crossed something off the list this weekend, but I want to be moving on to the next challenge and not waiting for life to happen. Yeah. That settles it. I need to just move on and see what happens. Good plan, Brett. Way to talk yourself through that.

Today and tomorrow I have to meet with people that plan to help out with Amtrekker. So, by Saturday I will being heading off into the great unknown again…and by great unknown I mean go somewhere for TASTHIB (The Awesome Stuff That Happens In Between – I’ve seen a lot of people searching for that lately. Here’s your bone.) or a list crossing good time.

But if anyone out there has any leads feel free More >

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