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#25 Be in a Movie!

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Pseudo-sport Olympics

Hey Team,

I’m sorry so many of you out there couldn’t partake in the 1st Annual Pseudo-sports Olympics…because yesterday was AWESOME!

The Olympics are a testament to the competition and sportsmanship inherent in the human spirit. A grand event dedicated to the best in us and an opportunity for us all to vicariously experience greatness.

The PSEUDO-SPORT Olympics are more like thirty people running around in a park all day playing games they haven’t played since elementary school. In short it’s a grand event dedicated to the fun we all forget to keep having when we all “grow up.”

It started with a five-inning game of kickball that (let’s be honest) wouldn’t have been kickball without the occasional bloody toe or unexpected blow to the head while running down the baseline. There was even plenty of screaming about what constitutes “baby bouncies” and how wide the imaginary bases were. It was like none of us had ever grown up (that was supposed to sound more positive and less pathetic than I think it came out).

Also, blue team won that round. No big deal…but I feel that should be pointed out.

Next up was horseshoes and badminton which were both awesome but tougher to organize teams More >

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake?

Hey Team,

So about that potential mistake I may or may not have made…

I spent just about everything I had left today on a sixty day pass that will take me everywhere I need to go for the next two months. The down side? 1) It’s on Greyhound and 2) I still have to survive.

But, this should take most of the pressure off of finding transportation and in the long run will probably save a little cash. Not only that but you guys would be sick if you knew how much time I spent trying to arrange transportation to and from various cities in the first place (which by the way I’m working on a way to show you guys just how much time I waste on certain tasks thanks to some friends over at Tsheets.com).

Nowhere has that been a bigger problem in the past than in the Midwest. It’s relatively easy to catch rideshares on craigslist from one major city to another, so the coasts don’t pose too much of a threat, but things are so spread out in Middle America that I routinely found myself trapped places for longer than I would have liked. AND, since most of what’s left More >

Go Time

Hey Team,

I’m feeling a little better today. Is it weird that I feel REALLY bad for getting sick? Like I’m kind of letting you all down by not being as productive as I could be?

Regardless, I’m still nowhere near 100% and this has definitely thrown off my “schedule” but I think I’m ready to move on today and head towards some kiteboarding back in SC (in the hopes that I’ll be nearer 100% by the time I get there).

AND I still have to edit the footage from sailing. I tried a couple times over the last few days while I’ve just been laying around but if your head is already spinning and you suddenly find yourself watching tons of raw footage shot on a rocking boat it’s tough to stay focused. Here goes nothing.

Okay, less talk, more action!

Let’s do this.


Bucket List?!

Hey Team,

I’m too young to die. I better not be this sick because people keep calling this a bucket list! So help me if I just keep getting sicker and sicker until the last thing gets crossed off the list then know this: I will not hesitate to add a LOT more things to the list.

Ugh! The last thing in the world I want to do right now is write. I want nothing more than to curl up in a little ball in the dark and be unconscious until this all blows over. But this stupid cough and the alternating between sweating and shivering is NOT making that an easy proposition.

Plus, I keep having to go back and reread these stupid sentences because I can’t hang onto a train of thought to save my life and proper grammar keeps flinging itself out the window. (Even more so than usual.) Now that I think about it I don’t even have anything useful and/or interesting to say. I’m just babbling like and idiot in print. (Is it still called “in print” if it’s never actually printed out?)

My plan was to head up to Lowell last night and then to Scranton tomorrow but More >

TASTHIB – Boston Marathon Madness!

Hey Team,

Here it is!

Amtrekker travels to Boston, MA to take part in the madness that is the 112th Boston Marathon. Ladies beware…

Sexy Man-leg ensues.


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Youtube version!

Thanks, Team

I’m done.


I showed you leg. The least you could do is show some donational (it might be a word) love!

Don’t let me stop you.

Marathon Madness

Hey Team,

The Boston Marathon is such a HUGE event. I never realized just how enormous the surrounding hoopla is on the big day. Not only that but there’s an insane dichotomy happening that you’d never believe unless you’ve seen it.

For 20,000 visitors it’s one of the biggest races they’ll compete in all year and it’s the culmination of month and months of training. But for 250,000 college students it’s a state holiday sponsoring debauchery that they’ve been waiting for since the semester began.

The runners warm up with a jog to get limber before the big race but the students warm up with mimosas to get loose before a full day of beer pong matches. And in a fitting, body destroying analogy; as the day wore on the drunken “fans” would slowly step further and further into the course to get a better view of the runners leaving less and less space for the hordes of athletes. Much like an artery clogged by plaque and cholesterol slowing choking off the blood supply to a heart desperate to keep things moving.

So, how did I celebrate this “Marathon Madness?” Duh. By wearing ridiculously short shorts, a bright green headband and bright yellow running More >

Marathon Monday

Hey Team,

After a fun-filled weekend in Cape Cod it looks like tomorrow will be my last full day in Boston for a long time (unless I decide to head back up for the “Internet Superstar” taping on the 26th). But at least I’ll be going out in style. Tomorrow (the 21st, probably today for most of you) will bring with it some pretty exciting times.

The morning will bring with it a trip to the Garment District (where I bought my Halloween costume for Salem, MA) to complete an ensemble I like to call “Track Star circa 1973.”

Late morning heralds the start of the 112th Boston Marathon and filming for this week’s podcast will begin (complete with “Track Star” garb)!

By 12:30pm some of the elite runners should be wrapping up their 26.2-mile race through Bean-Town. Hopefully this means I’ll get a chance to interview a few of the athletes after they do their thing.

And finally, by early evening I should be working my way around the city to various houses and parties to say goodbye to all the fine Boston friends I’ve made!

I’ll keep you kids in the know via twitter and hopefully the 22nd will bring some great pictures and stories More >

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