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#27 Go on a lobster boat [podcast]

Hey Team,

Thanks so much for the feedback on yesterday’s video. Your comments were overwhelmingly positive and I’m going to do my best to get more of them out there. IN FACT, why don’t you kids feed your eyeballs on this little guy!

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I’m done.


Kind strangers keep ‘trekkers trekking. I think Mark Twain said that…maybe.

Or was it Steinbeck?


Enough Wading Already

Hey Team,

There’s been a whole lot of wading going on in the last couple days. Most importantly I went wading through a cranberry bog yesterday! Granted, it almost killed me and I’m more than a little surprised I didn’t lose any toes to frostbite but it’s done. And I have to admit it seemed like a much better idea six months ago when it made it on the list and the weather was nice and warm than it did yesterday when I was standing in front of an irrigation canal with my pants around my ankles.

I’ll even admit I may have lost my normally calm and cool composure when I started screaming things like, “NO NOO I CHANGED MY MIND!!!!” and “PLEASE GOD HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE I CAN’T FEEL MY FEET!!!” but all’s well that ends well, right? I can’t wait to get the video up so you guys can see how pathetic I’m capable of being. (Sometimes sarcasm just doesn’t sound right in type.)

Speaking of video, that’s where the rest of the wading comes in, I have a pile of tapes next to me as I type this and it amounts to about five podcasts More >

Give The Little Guy A Chance

Hey Team,

Here’s what I like about the little guy. (Provided he has the guts to step up.) He tries harder.

What does that mean? Never travel by Greyhound.

As I was trying to find an acceptable way to escape Portland, Maine today I ran across the Greyhound website. Luckily, I learned my lesson after the whole “pedophile debacle” and spent a little more time searching the web before making a decision. That’s when I ran across Concorde Bus Lines, which isn’t necessarily the end all, be all when it comes to mass transit but it turned out to be a considerable step up from the Pedo-wagon.

Not only was it cheaper than Greyhound, it was cleaner and smelled like Pledge furniture cleaner. Greyhound smells like puke after taco night mixed with the feces of an aquatic animal. You know why aquatic animals never bother to properly digest their food? They live in a toilet. Next Question!

Concorde Bus Lines actually staffs a full kitchen staff at their corporate headquarters and ships fresh continental breakfast to every bus, every day. Bananas and yogurt for every one. Well, that’s a lie, but I will consider bus travel from now on every time I travel from Maine to More >

Not The Most Beautiful Thing

Hey Team,

The weather has been terrible in Portland the last two days. Non-stop rain and wind. And no lobster boats have been going out so I guess I’ll have to settle for the time I spent out with the lobstermen (As in people who catch lobster for a living, not giant half man, half lobster monsters hell bent on taking over the world. Come on people, focus.) on Thursday. I got to do what I wanted to do when I put #27 on the list. I just got greedy and wanted to do MORE of it. So, it gets crossed off but not with the hardy “Ka-KOW!” that I would have liked. Maybe I’ll get another chance later on.

On a side note: The crappy weather hasn’t stopped me from exploring the city.

[Disclaimer: The pieces of the puzzle are all there. You know I have an extremely hyperactive conscience when it comes to all things societal and you know I have NEGATIVE sense of direction so this story will probably come as no shock whatsoever and may bore you to tears.]

I was walking through the pouring rain yesterday, fighting the winds desire to be the one in control of the umbrella More >

Lobster Bucket

Hey Team,

It never fails to surprise me when I see first hand the kind of power having a clear set of goals has over people. Knowing what you want and being willing to announce your objectives creates magic. If your goal were a destination then telling everyone you meet about it is like catching a ride with someone through all the traffic-congested freeways (I’m talking to you 405) and getting dropped off a block away without having to deal with all those “getting lost” bits.

I’m in Portland, Maine right now trying to hunt down a lobster boat to go out on. Yesterday I got an email from a contact I made through the site that lives in the area. I asked if he knew anyone in the Portland that could help out. He said he had a friend that tried to get on a lobster boat this summer and no one was interested in having tourists on their boats even if they were willing to work. He also said I probably wouldn’t be able to get on a boat at all in Portland.

Of course that made me think twice about going out to the wharf today. Fortunately, both times I More >


Trojan Kayaks

Hey Team,

It’s always a little sad when you see awesome historic sites all boarded up and plastered with signs that say authoritative things like, “Do not enter” and “No Trespassing.” Only slightly less sad is when you see historic sites that have been SO renovated that you have to pay an arm and a leg to see them AND if you touch anything they chop off a limb.

So, just imagine how freakin’ excited I was yesterday!

After much debate about how we were going to spend the day my couch surfing host, Nickola and I tied a couple of recreational kayaks (care of Margaret and Kelli!) to the roof of a minivan (care of Margaret and Kelli!) and made our way over to the bay. After a little over a mile long paddle we landed at Fort Gorges, a historic fort no longer in use that can only be reached by kayak or small watercraft! It was there that I saw the one sign that never fails to get my heart pumping and put a spring in my step…”Enter at your own risk!”

No lies, kids. This was one of the coolest places I’ve seen so far! The fort was built in More >

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