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#45 Swamp Boat Ride With Gators!

Hey Team,

Amtrekker travels to Lafayette, LA and takes part in a swamp tous sponsored by The Atchafalaya Experience!

Pretty pictures and no cohesive narrative ensues!

Sorry for the delay, kids. For once it wasn’t my fault. The company that usually hosts my podcasts was having issues. But now, here it is!


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I’m done.


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Hey Team,

Turns out updating a website while frantically barreling across the country in someone else’s truck on a tight deadline is a little more difficult than one may think. Blame the long BORING road for the dearth of posts this week. I’ll make up for it by making this a good one!

When I was passing through Louisiana I had the opportunity to take someone up on their offer to take me on a swamp boat ride with gators (#45)! Not a fan boat…but I’ve had several people write in and tell me how notoriously bad fan boats are for the ecosystem and now that I’ve actually seen one in action I’m not sure my conscience could take riding in it.

SO, thanks to Coerte (pronounced Kurt) over at The Atchafalaya Experience I was able to do one better! Kurt and his crew (son and grandson) have a set of much smaller boats that they use for swamp tours outside Lafayette, LA rigged with outboard motors, one of which will even continue to operate in soft mud. As a result they can get deeper into the swamp AND these guys love what they do. (I love people that love what they do…it usually More >

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