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Not Even a Lump

Hey Team,

Not that this is unexpected now days…but the coal mine trip was a bust for today. Instead I spent the day hanging out with Geneva my host in Louisville (lawll-ooll?) who despite not being able to get me to a coal mine is still pretty stinking cool. (Help me out here folks, I’m totally running out of adjectives to describe all the cool people I’ve met on my trip.)

Bottom line: I’ve spent the day trying to properly encode the new podcast (which should be up by late tonight…for realsies) and hoping that tomorrow will bring me a coal mine.

Wish me luck.

I’m done.

Brett. How cool would you be if you made a donation?

Answer: Pretty freakin’

How-to: Travel on a Dime

Hey Team,

Ever stop and ask yourself, “How the crap am I going to get from New York City to Louisville, Kentucky without any money?”

Yeah, me too.

So here are a couple tips. First: craigslist. In the rideshare section you should hunt down an awesome family that is moving to Colorado from Long Island to restart their lives. Make sure they are driving two cars (preferably a big box truck and a Toyota Forerunner).

Now, at some point, the Forerunner ought to run out of gas by the side of the freeway despite the gas gauge (or gasometer as I like to call it) insisting a quarter of a tank exists.

When that happens I highly recommend running a mile in freezing weather during a light snow flurry (that stings your eyes with every step) to make it to the nearest gas station, where you can borrow a gas tank and catch a ride back to the downed vehicle with a reluctantly nice guy, thus saving the day in a VERY minor way.

I would also like to recommend that when you make a pit stop in the middle of the night to rearrange drivers you might want to watch one of the cats you More >

Little Miss Update

Hey Team,

The last few days have been nothing but bizarre…but I did manage to travel from New York, NY to Louisville, (apparently pronounced lawel-ool by the locals) KY practically for free. It did mean that there were a couple rough nights and I wasn’t able to update. But I have some great stories to tell for tomorrow.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the adventures continue (Yes, even the one’s involving Little Miss Sunshine style 1985 volkswagen bus road trips!) and I’ve met quite a few interesting characters in the last couple days.

Can’t wait to write about it tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have a new podcast up for you by late tomorrow night. AND if all goes well I’ll be Earth deep in a coal mine by Tuesday (let’s just hope I’m not the canary)!

Wish me luck.

I’m done.


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