Hey Team,

Between twitter making me lazy and being stuck in a hearse for a week (Who would have ever thought I’d have the opportunity to say that and mean it?) there hasn’t been much new info up here in the last few days. But SO much has happened and so much is in the process of happening that I don’t anticipate running out of things to say anytime soon (much to everyone I meet in person’s dismay).

Here’s the scoop on the hearse and tomorrow I’ll fill you folks in on yesterday’s dirt bike race!

Thanks to a ride down to Seymour, IN with my Indianapolis couch surfing host, Karla, this past Tuesday I was able to pick up the classiest Dead People Mobile I had ever seen. If dead people wanted to ride in style circa 1984 then the only real option would be this Cadillac Hearse…anything else would be uncivilized. (Not to give you the wrong impression: despite all the strange questions I got while driving not one person asked for fancy mustard.)

There was no real rush to deliver the car to San Francisco from “Team Do or Die” (the endurance racing team that paid for the gas for me to More >