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#2 Ride a Horse Through a Covered Bridge [podcast]

Hey Team,

Lots of stuff going on. Plenty of adventures around the corner. A new literary agent. A book proposal to write. But MOST importantly…everyone’s favorite videos are BACK! Today it’s the horse through through the covered bridge, the video of the party will be out in a few days and then it will be back to the old Wednesday at 6pm Pacific schedule! Ah, the good old days.

There are literally a TON (okay, not literally…it’s all digital so it really doesn’t take up much space) of videos still to come! Things will take on a slightly different format now that I’m back but there are still a lot of “Tales From the Wayback Machine” I’ve yet to show you guys! I’m pretty excited to be able to sit somewhere for an extended period of time without being kicked out so I can ramp up the production quality as much as I can.

Okay, less talk more action. Here it is:

“Amtrekker travels to Atlanta, GA where with the help of Grayson from CNN’s News To Me team, Betty Ann, Ginger, Chase and a horse named Danket he finally gets to live out a cartoon!

Flaming pumpkins ensue.”

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube More >

Auditions for Icabod Crane

Hey Team,

Wow! It finally happened. For the last week and a half the awesome team over at CNN’s News To Me has been scrambling to try to put me, a horse and a covered bridge together at the same point in time and space. I can’t tell you how many calls I got from the Associate Producer, Grayson, that went something like this:

“Brett, that horse contact fell through but I think we might have another one…maybe.”

“Brett, there’s no way that bridge is going to work. It looks like we’re back to square one.”

“Brett, the other bridge I wanted to use is under construction right now…”

Meanwhile I was trying to get in touch with everyone I know in the Atlanta area in the hopes that someone could help out while watching the days on the calendar tick away. And yet, after almost a year and a half of similar situations working out time and again, even with the deadline of the Amtrekker party looming, I kind of felt like Geoffrey Rush’s character in Shakespeare in Love.

“Brett, I’m so sorry this isn’t working out. I feel terrible for getting you all the way out here and not being able to get you More >

Death of the Dog?

Hey Team,

If everything goes well this week then I JUST got off my last greyhound for a long, long time (I hope). I was curled up in the fetal position and unconscious for most of the ride so there are no good carny stories to come out of it but the was a surprise wakeup thanks to some shouted commands when a State Trooper chose Greyhound to transport a prisoner…so there’s that.

In other news: My friends over at CNN’s News To Me have been trying to line up a horse and a covered bridge for the final full item on the list. Things were looking pretty good for awhile but it looks like some last minute changes are in order. I have nothing but faith in the News To Me guys but I’m definitely a little nervous. Time to go make some magic happen!

Wish me luck!



Hey Team,

I’m not even sure where to start today. I had such an awesome experience last night but I don’t think it’s going to be easy to describe. You guys might need to do a little research on your own. Here goes nothing (maybe literally):

I was wandering the worldwide webs two days ago when I started talking to a guy that goes by the name Trashy Transvestite (yeah, this is going to be a long story…I can tell). Besides being a fellow Totally Rad Show fan he’s also an avid hasher.

I first heard of “hashing” through Mike, of the Boston Douchebags, and have subsequently heard the term several more times throughout my travels. So when, um…”Trashy Transvestite” started talking about it, my curiosity was instantly piqued. Luckily, as it turned out he had several friends in Atlanta that were also hashers and he passed along my contact info.

That’s how I met house of bOObs.

(Wow, it kind of sounds like this post took a sharp right turn into Crazytown pretty early on.)

“Stop teasing us. What the crap is ‘hashing?‘” Good question, disembodied voice. And one I’ve been trying to avoid answering because…I’m STILL not sure how to explain it. More >

News to Me Inteview [podcast]

Hey Team,

This is a fairly short one considering all the footage I had. I didn’t want to steal too much of News to Me’s thunder so I just took a few clips from yesterday. Check it out.

Also this is the first week of a new type of “HD” encoding I’m trying out so let me know if you have any problems viewing this video especially if it’s something you’ve always been able to do before. And DEFINITELY let me know if it doesn’t work on your iPod or mobile player.

Thanks guys!


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And here’s the youtube link.

I’m done.


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News To Me

Hey Team,

I had my interview with CNN’s News To Me today. It was a complete one-eighty from Fox Business News and a nice chance to answer some of those questions that keep popping up that I never fully acknowledge.

It was pouring rain when I woke up and I was dreading even the short walk to the coffee shop where they were planning on conducting the interview. I stared out the window willing the rain to stop and wondering if my Totally Rad Show t-shirt was clean enough to wear. “Maybe I should just wear the TRS shirt and hope the rain washes off the stink.”

Luckily, the shirt was clean, just wrinkled, so I slung it over the shower rod and let it suck up some of the steam while I scrubbed myself down.

I showed up at the coffee shop while they were shooting a webcam interview with another guy…something about a dirty boat. (Obviously I was paying very close attention.) As soon as they finished I was shuffled around for introductions. Everyone involved with the program seemed to be of the friendly intelligent variety and Eric, the host, managed to come off as distinctly not a douche bag. (Happy, Eric?)

The interview More >

What’s He Talking About?

Hey Team,

I’m sure I had something to write about today but I’ve just been staring at the screen for the last five minutes trying to remember what it was. Let’s just assume it was the funniest, most exciting, eye-opening post I’ve ever written, pretend I actually wrote it and then move on.

I’ve been insisting that I don’t change for years now. That the world just changes around me and I adapt as necessary but it doesn’t impart any lasting effects. I hate to admit that I might be wrong.

Living little pieces of other people’s lives everyday for the last 240+ days is a tough act to ignore. As strong willed (read: stubborn) as I am I don’t think I’ve made it through unscathed. And maybe it hasn’t been a “change” so much as a “concentration.” (Wow. This is tougher to explain than I thought it would be. Too bad I can’t remember that other, probably easier to write, post I was planning on.)

I’ve always been pretty laid back (obviously, or I wouldn’t have even started this trip) but that has always meant “live and let live” or “I’ll do my thing and you do yours.” But I’ve taken that option More >

Super-secret Secret Squirrel

Hey Team,

I stayed at a new place in Atlanta last night and you’ll never guess what I saw. Go ahead. Guess.

WRONG! Oh man, that wasn’t even close! That was just embarrassing…and dumb. I’ll just tell you to save you any more embarrassment.

I “played with” a pet flying squirrel! (And by “played with” of course I mean “tried to feed it a pine nut but it wouldn’t even take free food from me so instead it ran up the owners shirt and hid inside his collar.”) This has to be one of the coolest pets I’ve seen on the trip. The ferret, Ding-a-ling, in Utah was pretty stinkin’ cool but Gidget was amazing.

Who wouldn’t want a pet that can crawl on the ceiling and leap across the room in a single bound but still loves people? Just imagine if a dog could do all that. (Disclaimer: Amtrekker.com and its affiliates do not condone the imagining of dogs climbing on ceilings. Turns out that’s just creepy.)

Gidget is only about three inches long and weighs next to nothing so she just seems to shake off eight-foot falls and darts out of the way again. It’s common knowledge that the hand is quicker More >

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