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Whose life is it anyway?

Hey Team,

Wow. What a surreal day. Have you ever had that feeling that the life you’re leading maybe isn’t yours? Say, hypothetically, one day you suddenly find yourself thinking, “What will my life been when I’m 26? Will I be married? Will I have a kid? What kind of steady job will I have?” And then, just as suddenly, you realize you already are 26 and you’re homeless, unemployed and helping the guy you just met today (whose couch you’re sleeping on) study for his Quantum Mechanics test.

This is after you walked five miles in the ridiculous Florida humidity to get to the nearest bus stop and finally reached the point of complete filth saturation. That point at which it would actually be impossible for you to get dirtier and the only thing the filth is left to do is burrow into your skin and create a perma-bum situation that you definitely aren’t looking forward to.

All this on top of the fact that you suddenly find yourself with the number seven spot on “Today’s Top Podcasts” in the Places & Travel category on iTunes. All thanks to some awesome friends you’ve made who produce an equally awesome podcast that can More >

The Other Orange County

Hey Team,

Just a quick update to keep all you hip kids “in the know.” I’m sitting in the Orlando airport, it’s 4am and I have a flight to Ohio at 7am. And if everything goes well, by next weekend I’ll have knocked out the one thing on my list I was most concerned with pulling off! That’s right, you guessed it (I don’t actually know if you did. I can’t hear you, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.) I get to pet a sloth!

And as exciting as that is I have even more news. The “tubing down the Chattahoochee” podcast is all wrapped up and ready to be posted. I just need to find a little more bandwidth so I can ship it off to the interwebs where all you lucky folks can grab it! So hopefully late tomorrow after I get to Ohio.

And as exciting as that is I have even MORE news. There’s going to be a couple big-ish changes coming to the site in the next week. And you’ll be happy to hear that many of the changes are direct rip-offs of feedback you provided (that’s an over-arching “you the viewer” type More >


Hey Team,

It was looking pretty dicey for a while there. I showed up in West Palm Beach without any kind of plan and with no place to stay. What was I thinking? Excellent question. If I come up with an excellent answer I’ll let you know.

Regardless, a couch surfer swooped in at crunch-time and saved me from trying to find a nice soft spot on the ground to sleep on. Thanks, Rusty.

Now I’m in the middle of learning a very important lesson. I’ve been amazed over and over again how generous people have been on this trip. They hear my story and they leap forward to help in any way they can. It’s no secret I’ve been consistently floored by the kindness of strangers. That being said, I’ve been hung up on six times already today (but only three of them were the super impolite kind).

It seems people aren’t nearly as inclined to help if:

1. I don’t speak to them in person

2. The meeting isn’t a chance encounter

3. It’s not their idea to help

So, I seem to have wasted the better part of my day calling up dive shops and offering my help doing grunge work and my less than More >

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