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A Beach By Any Other Name…Sucks

Hey Team,

There’s so much I didn’t get to write about last week that I would have loved to share but thanks to a near 72-hour driving stint I feel so far behind. I guess just one quick story and then we’ll have to pretend we’re caught up.

I made a pit stop in Pensacola, FL last week after that amazingly difficult trek to the lowest highest point in a state. (This may sound a little bit nerdy or lame but…) I was especially excited because of a peninsula that served as Pensacola Beach. Here’s the thing: a peninsula coming from a Northern Gulf coast city meant that I could pop on over to the beach and watch the sunset over the water like it’s supposed to.

I thought maybe I could just pretend I was back home for a couple minutes and go on about my business of being a homeless vagrant of an adventurer. But everything was just a little bit wrong. The sky was so overcast that I literally couldn’t even tell which way was west by the time the sun was going down.

Eventually darkness set in and I was wandering along the beach by myself in the pitch darkness. More >

#34 Scale the Lowest Highest Point in a State [podcast]

Hey Team,

Here it is…let’s just pretend I cross the international dateline or something. I’d hate to have to admit I actually missed a deadline.

Okay, less talk more action. I hope this one is up to par, I didn’t have a lot of time this week that wasn’t taken up by either driving or sitting on a bus. BUT, here it is!

Okey Dokey, here’s that YouTube link.

I’m done.


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Lowest Highest Point.

Hey Team,

Here’s the skinny: I’m supposed to be in Utah by the 19th to go fly-fishing but getting across the country is expensive…so sometimes you have to get creative.

I was checking craigslist.org for rideshares a few days ago and came across an ad for a guy who is moving to San Francisco and needs his truck delivered. Shipping a car across the country is an even more expensive proposition than “shipping” a person. So Murell is paying for the gas and trusting me to get his car to SF by the 18th so I can hop over to SLC from there. Thanks Murell!

All I have to do is spend a MISERABLE amount of time alone in a truck staring at the road (not a book, don’t worry guys). But on the upside I decided to take the southern route across which means I can make a couple list crossing pit stops along the way!

Yesterday I stopped at a little thing I like to call the “Lowest Highest Point in a state” and…boy howdy am I dumb.

I don’t want to give too much away before Wednesday’s podcast but suffice it to say:

1. I got HORRIBLY lost and didn’t end up at More >

Should’ve Listened to Detective Thorn

Hey Team,

When I was in Orlando the other day I got to go through the Magic Kingdom for the first time since I worked there almost five years ago. I had a good time, but something was just a little off the entire time I was there.

I wouldn’t necessarily call my time at Disney World life changing but it was a pretty important era in the life of Brett and I made some really good friends while I was in Florida (A few of them have even made appearances on the podcast). And as I walked around the park something seemed to be missing. The “weird” was driven home when I visited Big Thunder Mountain, the ride I worked on while doing my college internship there.

Everything still looked the same…but all of the faces were wrong. It’s not even like I expected everyone to still be there but I still felt kind of uncomfortable. Uncomfortable enough to attempt to express the feeling in a text to Shawn, a good friend of mine that I worked with on the mountain (you guys know him from the firefly podcast). He summed it up better than I could so here’s a direct quote:

“There’s More >

#39 Motorcycle rally [podcast]

Hey Team,

Here it is! One more step closer to home! Biketoberfest was quite an experience, I’m glad I get to share a little piece of that with you.

#39 Motorcycle rally. Enjoy.

Thanks for watching. If you like the podcasts be sure to head over to iTunes and subscribe…and write a glowing review.

I’m done.


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What? I bet I’d look hot.

The Green Kid

Hey Team,

This week has definitely been unique and I have to admit I’m a little frustrated right now. So many interesting things have happened that I’d love to be writing about and there’s just not enough room on the page. Hopefully over the next couple days it’ll all spill out, but there’s SO much editing to do too.

“What? Why’s that? You just have the Biketoberfest footage to deal with, right…right?”

“HA! That’s where you’re wrong, stupid misinformed disembodied voice!”

I’m in Orlando right now staying with an old friend from my Walt Disney World days and it struck me just before I got here that way back when (it’s been five years since I’ve worked for the mouse on this coast) there used to be a street performer that worked out on the Boardwalk region of the resort performing con games.

“What kind of con games?”

Will someone tell that creepy voice to stop interrupting?

Three card Monte, of course! It was a total long shot but we headed over to the Boardwalk and asked around. It was raining so we figured any performers would have packed it in already anyway but eventually we ran into a guy that was dressed like someone that I More >

Fish out of water(…and into retaw?)

Hey Team,

Question: What happens when you find yourself tossed in the middle of a huge group of people that have nothing in common with you (besides maybe the fact that they’re bipedal) yet EVERYTHING in common with each other, thus making you as out of place as possible?

Answer: You find yourself one step closer to home!

Fish out of water doesn’t even begin to describe the position I found myself in today. The fish would have to be not only OUT of water but then back into something that is the opposite of water…like steam, or fire maybe (or retaw?). Of course this feeling was compounded by my company. Mike, my CouchSurfing host, is an awesome guy…unfortunately, he’s also just as skinny and dorky as I am. Not to mention, for the first time on this trip I actually felt overdressed.

So, to say we stuck out like a pair of sore thumbs at Biketoberfest would be an understatement. Luckily, that’s exactly what made the day interesting.

Fun facts:

1. Motorcycle rallies are not a place to find “attractive” women.

2. Fat men in leather will not hesitate to use their girth to move you.

3. The English language needs FAR fewer words than it has. More >

I Swung Danced [video]

Hey Team,

I had an unexpectedly entertaining night jam packed with me making a fool of myself. You may not all know this, but as it turns out, the music portion of my brain is either missing or broken. As a result, my ability to listen to music is almost non-existent. This makes some relatively simple tasks much more difficult than they should be. Dancing would be one of those tasks.

And now, thanks to the wonder and magic (not a Disney Cruise Line joke) of the internet, I get to share my deficiencies with the whole world! Wow…this may have been a bad idea. But here it is anyway. A quick and dirty (and short) video of my night of swing dancing. Quick corollary: 1. My partner, Lenka, was an INCREDIBLE teacher and a billion times better than I make her look and 2. I had a REALLY good time and it made me want to not suck. I’ll be looking into swing dancing when I get back home…whenever that might be.

This video wont get posted to iTunes or the podcast RSS feed. So here on Amtrekker and YouTube are the only options this time around. It might start being a More >

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