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Cause of Death: Hanging Out

Hey Team,

I was really hoping I could get caught up on my emails before I got around to writing the next post. But there’s no way that’s going to happen if you guys still want to know what’s what in the non-stop thrill ride of Amtrekker-ing.

I spent most of yesterday answering those same emails (largely because I was too sore and burnt to do much of anything else) but the day before was epic. Hopping from one thin slice of adventure to the next.

I was sold on the idea that a group of people were going to the lake and hanging out on a giant ten-man raft. Maybe this is my fault but I’m not real good at “hanging out.” Sitting still and I just don’t get along well. So instead of thinking, “I don’t know…we’re just going to sit on a raft in the middle of the lake…why is that fun again?” My brain decided it would be easier to take the news if it just lied to me.

So when people said, “hang out” my head translated that back to me as, “Running, jumping, swimming, probably a good solid king of the raft game.” Stupid brain.

It was three guys More >

Internet Superstar

Hey Team,

The live Internet Superstar/Diggnation show on Wednesday was a blast. As it so happened I ended up being the first guest on the show and showed up to Mighty in San Francisco JUST as my phone died so there wasn’t much in the way of twittering going on.

Maybe you wouldn’t think it (or maybe you would…how should I know) but Martin and Gator (the hosts of Internet Superstar) did a MUCH better job of preparing me for the interview than anyone else has managed to so far. Some of the stand outs would be Canada AM when I was told to sit in a room alone with a camera until something happens or Happy Hour when admittedly the lack of preparation came from the threat of a hot dog eating contest….but the fact remains.

When I first got there they did a super quick run through of when and where I would be entering. Which doesn’t sound like much but it’s always nice to now when and how you’re coming on camera instead of just standing around with your hands in your pockets until someone suddenly shouts, “You’re on!”

As far as I know the interview went fine. Much looser than TV but More >

Podcast Heads Up

Hey Team,

Just a quick heads up. The podcast will be coming out on Friday this week thanks to all the intense madness that Good Morning America has rained down on the head of this one-man band. But it should be a good one.

In other news the live Internet Superstar and Diggnation is tonight at Mighty in San Francisco (119 Utah Street). I’ll be there. I think I’m even one of the guests on Internet Superstar…I was distracted by free ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s free cone day when I got the phone call so maybe I’m just making that up. Come out and we’ll find out together!

I’m done.

Brett. If you can’t come out tonight maybe I have another way for you to show your support…

Don’t let me stop you.

Anti-Social Security

Hey Team,

What a hectic week. I’m just about to board a plane for New York’s LaGuardia Airport that should get me where I need to be by 6am tomorrow. Leaving me approximately five hours to figure out how to get to that amusement park I couldn’t figure out how to get to within an entire day last October. Wish me luck.

Either way it brings me back to the topic of one of my very first posts here on Amtrekker: airport security.

And now that I have a little more travel experience under my belt it is NO LESS annoying.

Here’s the thing. I’m not a big planner. No big secret there. So when I fly it is usually on very short notice and usually a one-way trip. Both red flags for TSA. So without fail I’m “randomly” chosen for an extra security search. Which means I get to pull all my stuff out of my bag, put it neatly into several bins because all the big electronics (which is the majority of the contents of my bag) have to have their own bins and THEN have someone else go through the ENTIRE contents of my bag anyway.

So now, when I see those More >

Let’s Roller Coaster!

Hey Team,

So there I was, muscles tensed, poised to leap towards the next adventure, fresh coat of bus grime distributed about my body. But then I got an email. (Which in and of itself isn’t that unusual but hear me out.)

The email was from the Six Flags PR department asking if I could make it to New Jersey by the 12th to ride the fastest roller coaster in the country, Kingda Ka! OF COURSE I can!

But that did put a little wrinkle in my plans. I was on a bus towards Sacramento to meet up with a lady I was going to drive across the country with but after having her meet me at the bus station I realized there was NO way I was going to be able to drive all the way across the country by Saturday. Which means I got to play the part of the great big jerk and cancelled on this poor woman at the very last minute who now has to drive alone with her little dog all the way to St. Louis.

So here I am. In Sacramento. Getting ready to take a buddy pass infused flight across the country tomorrow morning for a More >

Party People

Hey Team,

I realize this is a terrible way to do this but I couldn’t figure out a simpler way to display these videos using the video player plugin my site is running on. SO sorry that the load times are going to SUCK for this page. I hope you enjoy the videos anyway!

This first one if from Alessia in Boston. She’s an Italian native (you may or may not be able to pick up on that in the video) and all around cool girl. I’ve never met her brother…he seems quiet.

[coolplayer] http://www.amtrekker.com/wp-content/Party/Alessia.MPG [/coolplayer]

The Totally Rad Show guys were a pretty important part of this adventure. Dan, the dude on the left, is the one that talked me into doing a video podcast in the first place. Otherwise most of you never would have even known I was traveling. Steve, in the back, is my go to guy whenever I hit a wall with my own meager FinalCut abilities and they were all the first folks to spread the word on this epic adventure. All great guys!

[coolplayer width=”437″ height=”262″] http://www.amtrekker.com/wp-content/Party/TRS.mov [/coolplayer]

This classy guy has been a supporter since way back not just via donations but also plenty of moral support!

[coolplayer] http://www.amtrekker.com/wp-content/Party/AmtrekkerWH.m4v [/coolplayer]

I stayed More >

Nature’s Plot to Make Me Look Stupid

Hey Team,

I fully expected to be on a long miserable bus ride to Salt Lake City right now. Unfortunately Greyhound and nature had other ideas. Apparently the roads to SLC are closed due to snow right now so I have to wait until morning to catch a train instead.

This is especially good news since this is the first week I’ve said, “Every Wednesday 6pm PST blah blah blah.” (Sometimes sarcasm just doesn’t come off the way you want it to in the interwebs.)

So here I am. Sitting. Waiting. More importantly, I have no videos ready to upload tomorrow and no startlingly interesting footage to cut up and show off. On the other hand this is almost exactly the kind of thing I was hoping having a timeslot would force me into, although to a much more stressful degree.

So basically I have T-Minus 16 hours to show you people a slice of the Amtrekker life and upload it despite the extremely spotty connections I tend to get on trains. Wish me luck!

Either way I’m excited by the prospect of showing off something other than me falling on my face for the first time in weeks!

Okay, onward and upward.

I’m done.


If you like seeing me squirm, what ever you More >


#41 Sandboarding! [podcast]

Hey Team,

I suppose the smart thing to do (if I were willing to cheat you people), especially in light of my last post promising to have a new video up every Wednesday at 6pm PST, would have been to hold onto this video for just a couple more days. But then you would have been gyped one whole video I haven’t even thought about making yet! (Yikes!)

PLUS, who could, in good conscience, hold back this kind of excitement and adventure from an eager group of people? So with out further ado…no wait, just a little more ado.

Sandboarding was awesome! I just want to take a second to thank everyone that made it happen…Cody, Rebecca, Erica, Saadia and Nate!

Okay, no more ado…I promise.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player. var WT1_1 = { params : { wmode : "opaque", allowscriptaccess : "always", allownetworking : "all", allowfullscreen : "true"}, flashvars : { file : "http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amtrekker.com%2Findex.php%3Fxspf%3Dtrue%26id%3D28", volume : "80", bufferlength : "5", controlbar : "over", 'logo.hide' : "false", shuffle : "false", playlist : "bottom"}, attr : { id : "WT1", name : "WT1"}, start : function() { swfobject.embedSWF("http://www.amtrekker.com/wp-content/uploads/player.swf", "WT1_1", "437", "522", "9.0.0", false, this.flashvars, this.params , this.attr ); } } WT1_1.start(); More >

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