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I’m Not a Dad but I Play One on TV

Hey Team,

Some of you may remember a couple of months ago I accidentally ended up as the male lead in a television show for Court TV. Yes, accidentally. The point is I can now officially tell you that the show airs THIS Wednesday, August 1st at 10:30 pm on Court TV! It’s an episode of Psychic Detectives titled “Close to Home.”

I’m not sure what it’s going to look like on account of I’m a designer NOT an actor. So, I can pretty much guarantee some bad acting. But at least it’ll give you folks so more ammo to make fun of me with.

If you don’t remember what I’m talking about or never read the original story it’s here. Enjoy.

I’m done.


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Comic Comic Con

Hey Team,

I threw together something a little bit different for today. I’m not sure if it’s going to work on everyone’s browsers yet so if you have any problems just email me or post it on the forums. You’ll need Quicktime and you should be able to just click on this link to join the fun. Here’s hoping!

Also, I had a chance to meet up with the Totally Rad Show guys (Charlie keeps giving me a red squiggle beneath the word “Rad.” Obviously he wasn’t around in the 80s.) while I was in San Diego and if you’re interested in TV, Movies or Video Games you should check out their podcast here or on iTunes. They’re good people.

#26 is done! What’s next?! Bring it on!


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Comics are for Kids…and Amtrekkers

Hey Team,

I’m en route to San Diego for the Comic Con! I’ve been reading comics practically since I could read but I’ve never been one for the conventions. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never been into any one thing enough to feel I need to wear a costume to properly show the world just how big a geek I am. (Only my sister knows for sure.)

I usually keep my head down when I walk into the comic book store, make a bee line for the new comics, grab what I need and get out before the overpowering smell of other people’s parents’ basements gets to me. (That was a lot of S’s, someone should check that for grammar. I’m kinda busy.)

I tend to avoid at all costs conversations that start with topics like, “Who do you think would win if Batman fought Wolverine?”

1. Because I hate to get overly embroiled in other people’s nerdy fascinations. I’m there for the story. Just like television or movies, it’s just another medium.


2. Because that’s a stupid question. (Batman would win hands down.)

However, “The Amtrek” is all about new experiences and I LOVE being around huge groups of people that all have something in More >

California Screamin’

Hey Team,

Being in California is starting to have a very strange affect on me. And not the type I would expect. You’d think being this close to home without being able to actually go back to my bed and see the whole family (That’s awkward. What’s my whole family doing in my bed?) would make me even more homesick. But any and all feelings of wanting to be at home right now are completely overshadowed by my own irritation with myself.

I seem to be much less friendly in California. I think it’s because I already have so many friends here. Normally in my travels I talk to everyone that makes the mistake of looking in my direction because, in some respects, I have to. If I’m in another state I’m completely alone and (for lack of a better phrase) I’m always recruiting. Life is a team sport, you can’t go at it alone…or rather you can, if you don’t mind having the crap kicked out of you by the other team until the ref starts to feel pity for you and calls the game thanks to an obscure mercy rule (ok, the analogy kind of breaks down in there somewhere).

What More >

66% Hitched

Hey Team,

I’m really sorry about the long delay between the last update and this one. But for the record: Where you all see a slacker, I see a great friend.

I had to fly back to California this week to fulfill my “Best Man” duties and got caught up in the wedding week madness of one of my favorite guys on the planet. I’m still on a crazy no sleep streak and I’ve developed an annoying tendency to nod off every time I have to sit still for more than five minutes, but I’m fine if I keep moving. I’m like a hyperactive narcoleptic.

From here on out though it’s business as usual. After today I’m free to go back to the 24/7 adventure schedule that makes life so worth living (and so exhausting). 66% of my closest friends are married now, and I don’t think anyone else will need my presence for another wedding party anytime in the super-near future.

Also, things are going well with the site and I think (if all goes well) there should be a couple little surprises popping up soon in the form of videos.

I hate to leave you guys with nothing but an apology and a More >

The Update

Hey Team,

The site is running a little behind and the departure date is practically here. Just a few last minute preparations and then it’s off into the unknown (and of course by unknown I mean completely known and thoroughly explored by people that aren’t me) for an indeterminate amount of time. So, phase one brings you all to this myspace page a.k.a. the temporary home of www.amtrekker.com. The next phase is the part where you check in every day for the opportunity to live vicariously through my adventures (and more than likely my misery).

For those of you who are chronically out of the loop or not “in the know” I’ll be traveling mostly by train completely at the whim of my list until every single item is crossed off!

On a couple of side notes, I’ll be traveling mostly by train because:

1. I REALLY don’t like driving. 2. It’s ecologically friendlier (come on people, save the planet!). 3. It’s cheap! (relatively.)

Also, in addition to the formal list of objectives one of my overarching goals is to not spend a single dime on lodging…hence your responsibility to live vicariously through my occasional misery.

And finally, this isn’t just about a list of things More >

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