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Now What?

Hey Team,

I’m still kind of stuck while I wait to hear from some people about my next location. (Stupid winter going around scaring me with the threat of death on a park bench…slows everything down.) But I’m getting antsy and may just risk it and move on anyway. I’m not very good at sitting still…even when “sitting still” means “further exploring a city I enjoy being in and spending time with people whose company I genuinely enjoy.”

Granted I just crossed something off the list this weekend, but I want to be moving on to the next challenge and not waiting for life to happen. Yeah. That settles it. I need to just move on and see what happens. Good plan, Brett. Way to talk yourself through that.

Today and tomorrow I have to meet with people that plan to help out with Amtrekker. So, by Saturday I will being heading off into the great unknown again…and by great unknown I mean go somewhere for TASTHIB (The Awesome Stuff That Happens In Between – I’ve seen a lot of people searching for that lately. Here’s your bone.) or a list crossing good time.

But if anyone out there has any leads feel free More >

The Past Colors Memories of the Future

Hey Team,

Time to start moving forward again. There’s been a lot of interesting stuff going on. I made yet another cool contact through the magic of Halloween. So, tomorrow I’ll be catching a ride to Pennsylvania and Sunday I’ll be touring the Crayola Factory (#47). Plus, I don’t know the person I’m catching the ride from at all so there’s almost guaranteed adventure there.

A little background: Does anyone else remember that episode of Mister Rogers’ where he goes to the Crayola Factory? Because that’s literally the only episode of that show I remember despite watching it after school everyday for years on end. As a result I’m pretty excited about this weekend.

It’s interesting how little snippets of childhood can stick so firmly with you throughout your life. Arguably, everyone goes through childhood experiencing more new things in a single day than the average adult will in months and yet it’s just those little pin pricks of time that stick out amongst all others.

Somehow it doesn’t matter to our brain how important those memories are either. My memories of the first time I rode Splash Mountain are every bit as powerful as the Crayola Factory episode of Mister Rogers’ but I More >

All That Jazz

Hey Team,

I had a story all lined up today about Mark Twain being the first great blogger (it’ll make more sense when I write it) but then I spent the better part of the evening at a pub in Brookline, MA where there were literally about 20 different jazz musicians all taking turns jamming on the each others instruments.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those posers that talks about how great jazz is so he can sound hip when he’s chatting with the ladies. In fact I’m the first to admit that I’m fundamentally deaf when it comes to music. I’m absolutely incapable of listening to a song from beginning to end with out getting distracted by some shiny object and I don’t even know what words like harmony and chords mean. (And for god’s sake you’ve all seen me try to dance and you know that nothing good has ever come of that.)

And yet, despite my musical deficiencies, it was still a great night.

Many of the things on my list made the cut because I hate thinking that I missed out on entire eras of modern American history or that I’ve missed out on whole slices of current More >

Male PMS

Hey Team,

Last night was kind of a rough night. Danielle used to call it “male PMS.” It may not be quite as regular as the chick version, but the results are always strikingly similar.

I wouldn’t exactly call it depression and I wouldn’t exactly call it loneliness…maybe more of a general malaise, or a low-grade frustration with life. It never really makes sense…and it’s rarely attached to any particular cause. But it’s usually characterized by me, in a bad mood, wanting to escape. Unfortunately, I’m kind of in the middle of my most complicated escape attempt to date. So where do I go from there?

In most cases I just want to get away from everything and everyone and do some good solid Goth style brooding (minus the creepy makeup and hair and clothing…and coffee…and clove cigarettes…and bad poetry…and the strange conformity to one given look that goes beyond any conformity that the Abercrombie mob has ever had. But otherwise JUST like that).

And it usually culminates in me getting up suddenly and going for a long, long run, by myself. But with a heavy pack full of tech I’m not very well equipped to go out for a long run these days.

Instead, More >


Hey Team,

Here’s the video for the beer tasting in Brookline, MA. You’ll see some honest opinions, a few confused looks and Mike shares the sound of his pants. Enjoy.

[media id = “51”]

If you can’t see the video on the site click here to go directly to youtube and watch it there.Leave a comment and let me know what you kids think of the video style. Is this the type of thing you’d like to see more of?I’m done.

But you don’t have to be, you could always take a second and…

Don’t let me stop you.

Boston T Parties

Hey Team,

I went up to Boston (again) to celebrate a friend’s Birthday and to try and catch up to an important package…and true to form the city sucked me in again. One day turned into three but it was a great three days so I guess I wont hold it against Boston. Here’s the quick outline.

Friday found me running down the middle of a street with a backpack full of technology and holding a door above my head trying to get to a park before the “Surprise!” portion of a Surprise Party.

Saturday was chock full of one adventure after another. Highlights: I spent several hours at a beer tasting with some of my favorite Bostonians and learned more than I’ll ever be able to remember about New England craft breweries. One thing I won’t forget…Haverhill brews taste like rancid lemonade (just to clarify: that is definitely NOT a compliment).

It was a great time and really well organized. Seventy-five different beers were out and I met a TON of interesting people. There’s a lot of video to go through but hopefully I’ll have another quick and dirty cut up by later tomorrow.

From there I went to “The Aquabats!” concert! They’re a More >

Which way? Fenway

Hey Team!

Two down!!! Thanks to my new friend Jillian (Sorry…Jill) I had an amazing yesterday full of firsts!

We started our day at this little place called the Atlantic Ocean. Kind of impressive. Looked surprisingly like the Pacific Ocean. A little on the salty side.

It’s important to note that although I have previously lived in Florida I had never actually set foot in the Atlantic. So, the giddy schoolgirl giggling was completely well founded.

After the beach was an amazing chicken fajita dinner with Jill’s family followed by hightailing it to FENWAY FREAKIN’ PARK!

That’s right kids, Jill, via her dad, was able to get herself and me INCREDIBLE seats right behind home plate for the 351st consecutive sellout at Fenway Park! (Yes, I am using a lot of caps and exclamation marks. But you would be too if you just saw a great game at Fenway Park from RIGHT BEHIND HOME PLATE!!!! FOR FREE!!!)

Again, I have to stress how well complete strangers have been treating me on this trip. Jillian (Crap…I meant Jill.) didn’t have to help me out. She WANTED to help out, and that just blows my mind. To completely stray from the topic: I got another call from Dan, More >

Boston Uncommons

Hey Team,

I cannot overemphasize how incredible Boston has been! I’ve met a ton of incredible people and done some really cool stuff! Of course, that all means I’ve already stayed here much longer than I intended. If the rest of the Amtrek is half as amazing as the last four days have been then…holy crap, words can’t express how cool it will be.

Here a quick illustrated recap of Boston: Here are the guys I’m staying with.

Some of the friendliest douche bags on the planet, and all of them great people to spend your free time with. I’ve only known them for four days but it feels like so much longer. We’ve wandered the pubs and taverns of Boston together in a night that just kept going (even managed to be asked to leave an IRISH tavern for singing shanties, played ultimate until all the sweat in our bodies escaped through our pores, “prison break” style, and screamed ridiculous chants gleaned from some poor kids lost baseball! GREAT times!

At the office of the good people at Google I got treated to a free lunch

and took the grand tour on an electric scooter.

Have I ever mentioned how much I More >

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