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#41 Sandboarding! [podcast]

Hey Team,

I suppose the smart thing to do (if I were willing to cheat you people), especially in light of my last post promising to have a new video up every Wednesday at 6pm PST, would have been to hold onto this video for just a couple more days. But then you would have been gyped one whole video I haven’t even thought about making yet! (Yikes!)

PLUS, who could, in good conscience, hold back this kind of excitement and adventure from an eager group of people? So with out further ado…no wait, just a little more ado.

Sandboarding was awesome! I just want to take a second to thank everyone that made it happen…Cody, Rebecca, Erica, Saadia and Nate!

Okay, no more ado…I promise.

And here’s that youtube link to the same video!

Okay, don’t forget. New video up Wednesday by 6pm PST. Tell your friends…and your friends’ friends…and at least two of your friends’ enemies.

I’m done.


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Don’t let me stop you.

Where’s Charles Atlas When You Need Him?

Hey Team,

OMG SANDBOARDING FTW LOL JK! (Um…I have NO idea what that means. Let’s try again.)

A very long time ago I promised some friends I would be back in California this weekend (on account of one of my best friends has a birthday just a few days before mine and we usually do something biggish for the birthday weekend i.e. THIS weekend) not knowing what may be in store. The only info I had going for me was that I knew it involved the list so it could only be one of 26 activities. But even if I had known EXACTLY what we were going to do today I still would have been blown away!

Check this out!

Awesome. Just awesome. Period. (Do I have to write out period or does the period count as “period?” Oh well, more emphasis can’t hurt.)

Nate, Saadia, Cody, Rebecca and Erica all MADE their own sandboards PLUS one for me(!) and slapped the Amtrekker logo across all six!!!

And that’s just where it started. We went to Sand City, CA (I was blindfolded for the better part of the morning despite my repeated complaints of boredom.)

during an absolutely beautiful day and then spent the first several hours More >

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