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River kayak

#31 River Kayaking! [podcast] (*video problems fixed*)

Hey Team,

Here’s this week’s video starring your friendly neighborhood Amtrekker.

“Amtrekker travels to the Chattooga River in South Carolina to river kayak, get soaked and try not to die.

…that’s pretty much what happened.

(Scenes from Deliverance were roundly avoided.)”

And here’s the YouTube link.

Thanks everyone!

I’m done.


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My Deliverance from #31

Hey Team,

I managed to avoid not only banjo music but also any opportunities to see if I’m half the actor Ned Beatty is in what was easily one of the coolest experiences of Amtrekker so far.

Here’s the quick back-story: About a month and a half ago I got an email from Carolyn at www.wildwaterrafting.com saying they wanted to help me out with #31 on the list. Wild Water Ltd. operates on five rivers but the one I couldn’t wait to get out on was the Chattooga River near Long Creek, SC.

“But why the Chattooga, Brett? Kind of a silly name don’t you think?”

Well, welcome back, Disembodied Voice. Haven’t heard from you in awhile. But thanks for asking! (And, you’re right, kind of a silly name.)

The Chattooga is the same river that James Dickey was writing about in his book “Deliverance” AND, it’s the same river they used to film large portions of the movie, (you guessed it…) “Deliverance!”

So as soon as I got the message I called dibs on Burt Reynolds’s character and set things up for the next time I was near South Carolina, a.k.a. now.

(My thoughts always get kind of disjointed when I get excited so you may have to bear More >

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