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Motorcycle rally

#39 Motorcycle rally [podcast]

Hey Team,

Here it is! One more step closer to home! Biketoberfest was quite an experience, I’m glad I get to share a little piece of that with you.

#39 Motorcycle rally. Enjoy.

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I’m done.


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What? I bet I’d look hot.

Fish out of water(…and into retaw?)

Hey Team,

Question: What happens when you find yourself tossed in the middle of a huge group of people that have nothing in common with you (besides maybe the fact that they’re bipedal) yet EVERYTHING in common with each other, thus making you as out of place as possible?

Answer: You find yourself one step closer to home!

Fish out of water doesn’t even begin to describe the position I found myself in today. The fish would have to be not only OUT of water but then back into something that is the opposite of water…like steam, or fire maybe (or retaw?). Of course this feeling was compounded by my company. Mike, my CouchSurfing host, is an awesome guy…unfortunately, he’s also just as skinny and dorky as I am. Not to mention, for the first time on this trip I actually felt overdressed.

So, to say we stuck out like a pair of sore thumbs at Biketoberfest would be an understatement. Luckily, that’s exactly what made the day interesting.

Fun facts:

1. Motorcycle rallies are not a place to find “attractive” women.

2. Fat men in leather will not hesitate to use their girth to move you.

3. The English language needs FAR fewer words than it has. More >

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