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Geocache in all 48 contiguous states

The End. (kinda) [pictures later]

Hey Team,

I’m done.

That’s the first time I’ve ever had the chance to START a post with that line. Yesterday was completely surreal. Driving up to my house my stomach was filled with butterflies and I was even shaking with anticipation. As we pulled up to the gate of the two acre parcel my folks live on in Middle-Of-Nowhere, CA Ron Fairbanks walked up and blocked my entry.

Apparently, in my absence a vote was taken and I wasn’t even going to be allowed on the property where the homecoming party was being held until I found the final geocache. Eventually a horde of people gathered around and suddenly I was practically onstage wandering around in circles following a GPS I had never used before…poorly. I thought, “Geez, all these people are here just to watch me find a geocache…this is pretty intimidating. I guess I should at least make a show of it.”

Near ground zero according to the GPS was a small DSL box with the wiring running down a post. I figured I might as well look in a few places it was OBVIOUSLY never going to be hidden just to keep things interesting. I opened the DSL box and…Ka-KOW! More >


Hey Team,

Lots of news…how to make it all interesting…? Oh well, I guess I’ll just use the same approach I use in life. Jump in headfirst and hope for the best. 🙂

This week was the week I finally killed Oregon’s status as one of the few remaining states on the list I need to geocache in thanks to a little help from Superfriend Katy and a spontaneous roadtrip to Crater Lake National Park. What a beautiful place, the water is SO crystal clear and pure. I don’t care how many amazing Caribbean beaches or out of the way lagoons you’ve been to, you’ve never seen anything like this. (My camera is out of commission for the duration of the trip but Katy took plenty of pictures that I’ll be able to share in the near future.)

Making it down to the water isn’t the nature walk I expected it to be though. It was actually very similar to the first 1.5 miles from the top of the Grand Canyon. It was steep, dry, dusty and hot…and MUCH more crowded. In fact it’s probably a pretty good barometer for hiking the GC. If you manage Crater Lake and think you can do More >

Geocaching Attack!

Hey Team,

It’s been a pretty exhausting week. I can’t imagine a worse way to clean up all these geocaches that I’ve missed in my multiple trips across the country than via a series of long bus rides where no one wants to talk unless they’re already talking to themselves followed but stints of wandering through strange cities long enough to get tired but not long enough to make new friends.

But in the positive column it’s nice to see the map fill in with states I don’t have to continue to worry about. The geocaches are definitely coming along and more importantly I’m on my way to Michigan and Indiana now not just to geocache but to head up to the second most photographed lighthouse in America which ALSO happens to be coming up on its 150th anniversary. You can imagine how excited I am just to sleep somewhere where I’m not sitting upright in a disturbingly undersized and uncomfortable seat so it’s doubly awesome that I get to cross another one off the list at the same time in such an epic place!

I better go jump on yet another bus with a painfully few (i.e. no) outlets at my disposal. More >

The Day the Universe Decided to Punish Me

Hey Team,

Today started out pretty typical. I had a clear-cut goal I wanted to accomplish. I had the means and the wherewithal to make it happen. And I was well rested. Then the universe decided that today was the day I got my comeuppance.

Someone, somewhere, decided now was the time to punish me for some unknown but obviously terrible transgressions that I’ve made in my past.

The plan was to swing through Connecticut, New Jersey and Delaware (at least) to clean up some missed geocaches before heading westward for a couple bigger list items. I had laid things out pretty well. (Not to pat myself on the back it’s just that you guys know it’s kind of a big deal when I manage to plan anything at all. So, yeah. I was a little proud.) First stop was Hartford, CT and there was a cache that was less than half a mile from the bus station AND another bus leaving for New Jersey 45 minutes later. Plenty of time to hop off, grab the cache and make it back to head out for the next one.

But my batteries died. And as it turns out there’s no such thing as an open More >

Virginia Geocaching [podcast]

Hey Team,

Sorry I haven’t gotten a video up in a few days. My internet connection in Virginia was just WAY too slow. Here’s one of the videos from last week and the next podcast will skip ahead to my hitchhiking adventure to keep things on track!


I’m done.


Lookit what you can do!

Or you could just donate your time to promotion…that would work too.

Lancaster…no! Superfuncaster!

Hey Team,

This was too awesome not to throw up a quick update. (That’s throw up as in “put up quickly.” I don’t mean to suggest I just vomited on my keyboard and these words magically appeared.) I was wandering the streets of Lancaster, PA this morning looking for an Amish man with a cow I could milk (Which actually went better than you’d think it would.) when I saw a sign promoting all the great things Lancaster provides to the interested tourist. LOOK!

They have a field and a park AND a cemetery. If only I had time to take it all in.

In other news: I’m 1/48th of the way done with 32 after finding this geocache in Pennsylvania!

PLUS (as long as this sudden and all too biblical rain storm lets up) I’m suppose to meet the patriarch of an Amish family at their home at 5:30 because his son-in-law owns a dairy farm. Look out 9, I’m right on your tail! (So to speak.)

The bad news: Regardless of whether or not this lead pans out I have an eight mile walk back to the train station, at night…possibly in the rain, to look forward to. Once more, with feeling More >

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