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Be a guest on a talk show

The Daily Buzz

Hey Team,

I was on a morning show called The Daily Buzz this morning! They gave me a call a couple days ago from a San Diego number but I didn’t have my phone on me. When they called again yesterday I couldn’t answer because I was in an attraction at EPCOT. Eventually I called back, apologizing for remaining in “O’Canada!,” when they called…

“What?! You’re in town!”

“No, I’m in Orlando. Wait…what do you mean?”

Turns out The Daily Buzz tapes right her in “The Sunshine State!”

I even got to help host the weather!

Here’s the link: http://www.amtrekker.com/wp-content/uploads/amtrekker.mov

In other news: I won’t be riding the horse through the covered bridge in Atlanta until Tuesday so it’s going to be a mad dash across the country to get to Amtrekkapalooza in time!

AND, there are a few people that were a big part of this adventure that would love to make it to the big finish on October 25th but have limited funds so if anyone has any connections with airlines that can maybe get a few of these folks some cheap standby tickets let me know!

Thanks, Team!

I’m done.


Just for the record. Bookingbuddy really is a pretty rad website if you’re looking to plan a trip. More >

Internet Superstar

Hey Team,

The live Internet Superstar/Diggnation show on Wednesday was a blast. As it so happened I ended up being the first guest on the show and showed up to Mighty in San Francisco JUST as my phone died so there wasn’t much in the way of twittering going on.

Maybe you wouldn’t think it (or maybe you would…how should I know) but Martin and Gator (the hosts of Internet Superstar) did a MUCH better job of preparing me for the interview than anyone else has managed to so far. Some of the stand outs would be Canada AM when I was told to sit in a room alone with a camera until something happens or Happy Hour when admittedly the lack of preparation came from the threat of a hot dog eating contest….but the fact remains.

When I first got there they did a super quick run through of when and where I would be entering. Which doesn’t sound like much but it’s always nice to now when and how you’re coming on camera instead of just standing around with your hands in your pockets until someone suddenly shouts, “You’re on!”

As far as I know the interview went fine. Much looser than TV but More >

Good Morning Amtrekker

Hey Team,

I had to wake up at the crack of dawn yesterday for the Good Morning America interview. I know when I say crack of dawn I usually MEAN noonish…but this time the sun wasn’t even up when I was.

I also have to say that at that point (in light of the craziness from the day before) I was still kind of in denial about whether or not it was really happening. Even when the car pulled up I was thinking to myself, “Are my friends big enough douche bags to be willing to rent a car and driver just to make me look like an idiot?”

This way of thinking was compounded when I got to the studio in Times Square and my name wasn’t on the list for security. I got to stand around wearing my backpack and a stupid grin while people ran around trying to find someone that had heard of me.


“Is this where you’re supposed to be?”

“I really have no idea. This is just where the car dropped me off.”

“OOOHHHH! You’re one of the guests! This way.”

I was led upstairs to the greenroom (right next door to Mariah Carey’s dressing room) and told to set down More >

The link to the CNN shindig

Hey Team,

Real quick for those of you that missed out on it. Here’s the link to the CNN interview that aired this weekend. It was pretty good! At least, I was happy with it…but I’m a little biased. I loved seeing all the little snippets of fun stuff I’ve done over the last eight months and giggling to myself. They used a lot of great moments.

And it was AWESOME to see so many people from Team Amtrekker on there too! You guys all rocked and I couldn’t have done any of the stuff on the list without your help! Here’s hoping things continue to go as smoothly…who am I kidding? When do things ever go smoothly?

Well, here’s hopin’ anyway.

Wish me luck!

I’m going to go tour a couple wineries my CS host insisted I check out and then it’s off to the next adventure! Where and what will that be? I’ll let you know when I get there…

I’m done.


Look how lonely that little yellow button looks! Doesn’t it just make you want to click it?


News To Me

Hey Team,

I had my interview with CNN’s News To Me today. It was a complete one-eighty from Fox Business News and a nice chance to answer some of those questions that keep popping up that I never fully acknowledge.

It was pouring rain when I woke up and I was dreading even the short walk to the coffee shop where they were planning on conducting the interview. I stared out the window willing the rain to stop and wondering if my Totally Rad Show t-shirt was clean enough to wear. “Maybe I should just wear the TRS shirt and hope the rain washes off the stink.”

Luckily, the shirt was clean, just wrinkled, so I slung it over the shower rod and let it suck up some of the steam while I scrubbed myself down.

I showed up at the coffee shop while they were shooting a webcam interview with another guy…something about a dirty boat. (Obviously I was paying very close attention.) As soon as they finished I was shuffled around for introductions. Everyone involved with the program seemed to be of the friendly intelligent variety and Eric, the host, managed to come off as distinctly not a douche bag. (Happy, Eric?)

The interview More >

What’s He Talking About?

Hey Team,

I’m sure I had something to write about today but I’ve just been staring at the screen for the last five minutes trying to remember what it was. Let’s just assume it was the funniest, most exciting, eye-opening post I’ve ever written, pretend I actually wrote it and then move on.

I’ve been insisting that I don’t change for years now. That the world just changes around me and I adapt as necessary but it doesn’t impart any lasting effects. I hate to admit that I might be wrong.

Living little pieces of other people’s lives everyday for the last 240+ days is a tough act to ignore. As strong willed (read: stubborn) as I am I don’t think I’ve made it through unscathed. And maybe it hasn’t been a “change” so much as a “concentration.” (Wow. This is tougher to explain than I thought it would be. Too bad I can’t remember that other, probably easier to write, post I was planning on.)

I’ve always been pretty laid back (obviously, or I wouldn’t have even started this trip) but that has always meant “live and let live” or “I’ll do my thing and you do yours.” But I’ve taken that option More >


#22 Be a guest on a talk show BONUS #5 Enter a hotdog eating contest! [podcast]

Hey Team,

Here’s the Amtrekker cut of the Fox Business News’ “Happy Hour” program! It’s a little too long for youtube to accept so I’ll have to work on an alternative for some of you folks. (ahHA! Here’s a link that might work for some of you peeps.) But for the rest of you normal people…


Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player. var WT1_1 = { params : { wmode : "opaque", allowscriptaccess : "always", allownetworking : "all", allowfullscreen : "true"}, flashvars : { file : "http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amtrekker.com%2Findex.php%3Fxspf%3Dtrue%26id%3D30", volume : "80", bufferlength : "5", controlbar : "over", 'logo.hide' : "false", shuffle : "false", playlist : "bottom"}, attr : { id : "WT1", name : "WT1"}, start : function() { swfobject.embedSWF("http://www.amtrekker.com/wp-content/uploads/player.swf", "WT1_1", "437", "522", "9.0.0", false, this.flashvars, this.params , this.attr ); } } WT1_1.start();

I’m done.


Entertained people are generous people!

How entertained are you feeling?

Talk Show Eating Contest (wait…that sounds wrong)

Hey Team,

I don’t have time to tell you all how awesome my experience with Fox Business and the “Happy Hour” crew was but suffice it to say I can’t thank Paul, Jen, Nicole, Tracy and (to a lesser degree that cheater) Cody enough. I found a spontaneous ride to Chicago tonight in an effort to get closer to Kentucky and a coal so I’ll give them all a proper blogging tomorrow but here’s the video of my segment courtesy of the Fox Business Network!

Thanks everyone!

I’m done.Brett.



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