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Take part in a Civil War reenactment

#12 Take Part in a Civil War Reenactment! [podcast]

Hey Team,

Yes, the video is very late. No, there weren’t very many updates this week. BUT, feast your peepers on this little baby!

Amtrekker travels to New Market, VA and takes part in the cleverly named Battle of New Market!

Thanks for the patience, Team! The next one should be on time!

I’m done.


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Freezing My Musket Balls Off

Hey Team,

Costumes are something I can get behind. Halloween is probably my second favorite holiday and I put in my time on the attractions at Disney before I became a designer so, although I could never be that guy that runs to a Renaissance Fair or proudly introduces himself as a LARPer, it was a thrill to get the Civil War uniform on and slide into a different time. However, it wasn’t too long after that when I realized I was out of my league.

I walked into the camp where period ground cloths were lined up against the wall of a barn for cover just as day was giving way to night. I carried on my back everything I would need for the rest of the weekend (which is to say, almost nothing). A cartridge box, bayonet, canteen, wool blanket, and a haversack with period cutlery and a rusting plate plus a lump of salted pork. Oh! And a gun.

Noticeably missing were Charley (my MacBook Pro for those of you who aren’t “in the know”) and a sleeping bag…

Before I even had time to stake my claim on a small portion of packed dirt beneath the barn’s overhang I was More >

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