Hey Team,

This week has definitely been unique and I have to admit I’m a little frustrated right now. So many interesting things have happened that I’d love to be writing about and there’s just not enough room on the page. Hopefully over the next couple days it’ll all spill out, but there’s SO much editing to do too.

“What? Why’s that? You just have the Biketoberfest footage to deal with, right…right?”

“HA! That’s where you’re wrong, stupid misinformed disembodied voice!”

I’m in Orlando right now staying with an old friend from my Walt Disney World days and it struck me just before I got here that way back when (it’s been five years since I’ve worked for the mouse on this coast) there used to be a street performer that worked out on the Boardwalk region of the resort performing con games.

“What kind of con games?”

Will someone tell that creepy voice to stop interrupting?

Three card Monte, of course! It was a total long shot but we headed over to the Boardwalk and asked around. It was raining so we figured any performers would have packed it in already anyway but eventually we ran into a guy that was dressed like someone that I More >