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Help out on a plantation

#19 Help Out on a Plantation! [podcast]

Hey Team,

I really thought this one was going to get posted on time for once but I ended up having to REedit the whole thing. But who cares, right?! Cause here it is live and in living color (minus the Wayans 🙁 )!

“Amtrekker travels to the Boone Hall Plantation in Charleston to see if he can find a way to help out. You decide whether or not he actually manages to be helpful.”

And here’s the YouTube link!

Thanks, Team!

I’m done.


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Less Than Helpful

Hey Team,

Sorry for the dearth of updates this week. Charleston has definitely been keeping me on my toes and I was staying at a Couch Surfer’s (awesome dude by the name of Lee) house outside the city so there wasn’t much quality time with Charley.

First, a question: How come history gets so much more interesting as you get older? Is it just because you have more personal history than you used to? All I know is “History” was one of those classes I always DREADED going to but (and maybe it’s just because I get to see these things live and in person, but I don’t think so) wandering around Charleston has been awesome and I LOVED seeing the Fort Sumter exhibit and Battery Park. Mind blowing.

On a more personally historic note…#19 is off the list! Ka-KOW!!! While in Charleston I made a day trip out to Boone Hall, the most photographed plantation in America (for obvious reasons once you get there), with Angie, one of Lee’s friends and my private tour guide for the weekend.

I know the list says, “Help out on a plantation” but if I’m being completely honest the amount of help I actually offered is probably More >

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