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Wade through a cranberry bog


Cranberries and Pennsylvanians [video]

Hey Team,

I made it to Charlottesville, Virginia this morning safe and sound after driving straight through the night with Ryan, a Mansfield, PA resident, suffering from only very minor exhaustion. (And by minor I mean I only slid into unconsciousness against my will when I was sitting down or standing still, never when I was walking. Of course that made for a pretty embarrassing stretch at a local Starbucks. Lucky for Charley, I don’t drool.)

I was planning on writing up a rundown of my holiday layover spent under the care of the Pennsylvania ladies (Up, down, over, under…geez, I’m clever.) but I had a little extra time this morning and managed to finish up the cranberry podcast.

So, I’ll just say I had a great time with all of Jena and Theresa’s family members over the last few days and I’m a little disappointed I had to say goodbye again. Easily the toughest aspect of this adventure is constantly saying goodbye to all the awesome people I meet.

Okay…let’s get right to more of Brett being a sissy and making a fool of himself.

Leave comments, digg the page and podcast and…enjoy!

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Enough Wading Already

Hey Team,

There’s been a whole lot of wading going on in the last couple days. Most importantly I went wading through a cranberry bog yesterday! Granted, it almost killed me and I’m more than a little surprised I didn’t lose any toes to frostbite but it’s done. And I have to admit it seemed like a much better idea six months ago when it made it on the list and the weather was nice and warm than it did yesterday when I was standing in front of an irrigation canal with my pants around my ankles.

I’ll even admit I may have lost my normally calm and cool composure when I started screaming things like, “NO NOO I CHANGED MY MIND!!!!” and “PLEASE GOD HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE I CAN’T FEEL MY FEET!!!” but all’s well that ends well, right? I can’t wait to get the video up so you guys can see how pathetic I’m capable of being. (Sometimes sarcasm just doesn’t sound right in type.)

Speaking of video, that’s where the rest of the wading comes in, I have a pile of tapes next to me as I type this and it amounts to about five podcasts More >

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