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Opposites Attract

Hey Team,

Today was a super productive day! (In the sense that taking two steps forward and two steps back is productive. See, it’s funny cause it’s not.) My Florida plans officially, although temporarily, fell through so I spent the better part of the day frantically trying to find somewhere to be where I can make some progress.

There are a couple of really good leads though. I may try to head over to Goldsborough, NC this weekend to take part in a Civil War reenactment. I have a place to stay and there’s definitely a reenactment going on, it’s mostly a matter of getting a hold of someone that can give me an idea of whether or not I can participate. I am armed with phone numbers for tomorrow though!

Other options include horse riding in Alabama, hill climbing in Florida and sailing in Virginia. Wish me luck.

On an actually really for real productive note I finally managed to finish cataloging ten hours of video and send off the used tapes and some other peripheral items to free up some space in my backpack. (I realize I have a tendency to anthropomorphize my possessions, especially if I spend any appreciable amount of More >

Don’t Forget to Smile

Hey Team,

It seems the cranberry bog podcast has led to me getting the same question from different angles over and over again, so here I am to lay to waste your curiosity. The question goes a little something like this:

“What happened with the cops?”

I don’t want to make you work for it so here’s the lesson you should be pulling from the following words: Speak quickly and don’t stop smiling.

I was still in the box truck putting on my pants and shoes as the officer pulled up behind me and stopped near Michael.

“Hey, are you guys traveling around in that thing?” Bare in mind, all that’s in the truck is a lantern hanging above a coffee table with three chairs set around it, a futon mattress pushed up against one wall like a couch and some dude putting his clothes on.

Mike looks at the cop and says, “No.”

“You sure? It looks like he’s sleeping in there.”


“What are you guys doing?”

“Hey Brett, could you come here?”

“Hey officer,” Don’t forget to smile. Who would believe that anyone just caught red-handed doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing would be happy? “My name’s Brett. I’m traveling around the country…not in this truck More >

Just One of Those Days

Hey Team,

The last 24 hours have been pretty uneventful as far as list progress goes, since everything that’s been going on has been behind the scenes, but that’s no reason to keep you folks in the dark.

Today was mostly spent cataloging hours of raw footage that will probably never be used but can’t be thrown away or taped over (Then how would I be able to put together a documentary?) and HAVE to be shipped away. With winter upon us…or at least upon me (In a totally non-sexual way. Perv.) I had to grab some extra clothes, generously donated by the Boston guys, and turns out when you’re carrying more than two t-shirts you have a LOT less space for technology. Sad.

I also spent quite a bit of the day searching for new ways to promote the site and if you have any ideas you want to share or if you just want to take things into your own hands don’t hesitate. Just do it. (Please don’t sue, Mr. Nike.)

That’s about it, these are the kind of days I don’t usually share but since I’ve been doing so much video work I was in the mood to just sit More >


Cranberries and Pennsylvanians [video]

Hey Team,

I made it to Charlottesville, Virginia this morning safe and sound after driving straight through the night with Ryan, a Mansfield, PA resident, suffering from only very minor exhaustion. (And by minor I mean I only slid into unconsciousness against my will when I was sitting down or standing still, never when I was walking. Of course that made for a pretty embarrassing stretch at a local Starbucks. Lucky for Charley, I don’t drool.)

I was planning on writing up a rundown of my holiday layover spent under the care of the Pennsylvania ladies (Up, down, over, under…geez, I’m clever.) but I had a little extra time this morning and managed to finish up the cranberry podcast.

So, I’ll just say I had a great time with all of Jena and Theresa’s family members over the last few days and I’m a little disappointed I had to say goodbye again. Easily the toughest aspect of this adventure is constantly saying goodbye to all the awesome people I meet.

Okay…let’s get right to more of Brett being a sissy and making a fool of himself.

Leave comments, digg the page and podcast and…enjoy!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player. var WT1_1 More >

Fiamingo Family Thanksgiving

Hey Team,

I’ve had a pretty awesome few days in Nowhere, PA, unfortunately my internet connection has been pretty spotty. So before things cut out again…

Here’s a quick video update.

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And I’ll fill you in on the details tomorrow.

Thanks, everyone!

I’m done.


Welcome to the wonderful world of kindness to strangers.

Why NOT be a kind stranger?


Hey Team,

I had a fun-filled, turkey-fueled day with the Fiamingo family in Mansfield, PA. Not only did they take me in on what is traditionally more of a family holiday (which frankly, I’ve always thought was strange since basically it was all about taking in people in need when those pilgrims first flunked winter) but they fed me what was (don’t read the next ten words, mom) quite possible the best Thanksgiving dinner I have ever had.

That was followed by a two-hour food coma and dessert was served in the midst of them letting me win at a grueling 24 hour (I’m just going off of how long it felt, I didn’t check the time) Trivial Pursuit game. Which, by the way, makes me 2 for 2 in Trivial Pursuit for this trip. That’s right…Amtrekker’s undefeated. Bring in on people.

Basically it all comes down to this: my gain, your loss. As a result of all the food, folks and fun (please don’t sue me, McDonald’s) I didn’t have much time to get any video work done today and that filthy fun killer tryptophan is doing a number on my ability to stay conscious. (Upon rereading I see it has also More >


Thanks for Giving

Hey Team,

I was going to post another video today, (I have two ready, one of my ride to Mansfield, Pennsylvania where I’ll be spending Thanksgiving this year and one of the “Jump the Gun Turkey Run” which was basically this last weekend’s pre-Thanksgiving in Boston.) but somehow neither seemed appropriate enough for this holiday.

This is more of a holiday of introspection and since I’ve had so much time for introspection lately I figure I’m well suited to send some extrospection (There’s about a 98% chance that’s not a word. But the beautiful thing about English is you probably got the point anyway.) your way.

I fully recognize that I’m the smallest piece of the Amtrekker puzzle. Amtrekker would not exist without the help of literally HUNDREDS of people. This has been such a fascinating experience for me (and hopefully for you) because so much of what this trip is about has either nothing to do with me or is completely out of my control. Everyday I’m left dangling at the whim of complete strangers and so far I’ve yet to feel let down or slighted in the least.

Maybe I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I am so More >


#27 Go on a lobster boat [podcast]

Hey Team,

Thanks so much for the feedback on yesterday’s video. Your comments were overwhelmingly positive and I’m going to do my best to get more of them out there. IN FACT, why don’t you kids feed your eyeballs on this little guy!

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player. var WT4_4 = { params : { wmode : "opaque", allowscriptaccess : "always", allownetworking : "all", allowfullscreen : "true"}, flashvars : { file : "http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amtrekker.com%2Findex.php%3Fxspf%3Dtrue%26id%3D38", volume : "80", bufferlength : "5", controlbar : "over", 'logo.hide' : "false", shuffle : "false", playlist : "bottom"}, attr : { id : "WT4", name : "WT4"}, start : function() { swfobject.embedSWF("http://www.amtrekker.com/wp-content/uploads/player.swf", "WT4_4", "437", "522", "9.0.0", false, this.flashvars, this.params , this.attr ); } } WT4_4.start();

I’m done.


Kind strangers keep ‘trekkers trekking. I think Mark Twain said that…maybe.

Or was it Steinbeck?

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