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Quitters Never Prosper

Hey Team,

Anyone know of a hitchhiking 101 course I could crash at a local JC or anything? What is it about hitchhiking and colossal failures in the world of Amtrekker? I JUST got picked up 19 miles outside of Nashville by Chase, one of the guys I’ve been staying with for the last few days, after spending the last SEVEN hours “hitchhiking.”

Yeah, you read that right, NINETEEN miles in SEVEN hours. That’s 2.71 miles per hour…I might as well have started walking to Little Rock.

Bottom line: I’m a quitter. Once it was clear I wasn’t going to be picked up in the dark I called Chase, who earned a gold star by coming to my rescue, and then promptly caved and bought a bus ticket for the 12:40 am bus.

I hate that.

I’m done.


Anyone want to help pay for a bus ticket?

You never know, you might get a good pedophile story out of it.

Rhinestone Cowboys (featuring the anthropomorphic personification of exploding Bedazzlers)

Hey Team,

It looks like I’m more than likely headed to Arkansas tomorrow so I can go check out the Crater of Diamonds State Park but until then I have plenty to share about the last two days in Nashville.

There are a lot of cities across the country that just seem to be cities. They exist just because they do. (I promise I’ll try to make this make sense.) Maybe they had a reason for being at some point, as a port city or an agricultural hub, but over time they just became a place for people to live and suddenly they start to resemble an economic house of cards. The grocery stores and service industries exist to serve the residents and the only jobs open to the residents are at the grocer or in the service industry.

These cities are easy to spot and all tend to look the same. They’re the cities that you wander into and people ask, “Why are you visiting THIS place?” And it doesn’t take long before you realize you’ve ALREADY visited this place a hundred times over and you know the place like the back of your hand, (Not me of course, I don’t even More >

“No, it’s not O.KKK.”

Hey Team,

I passed by a memorial today and it made me sad…but for all the wrong reasons. It was an enormous statue of a man on horseback in a Confederate cavalry uniform surrounded by the thirteen flags of the Confederacy. The man was Nathan Bedford Forrest.

It was a tough thing to think about. After driving by it with my Nashville hosts, I spent the rest of the ride sitting in complete silence trying to figure out why anyone would go through the effort of building and maintaining such a colossal tribute to hate. And the more I thought about it the more incapable I found myself of actually being able to wrap my head around this monstrosity.

Part of the reason it’s so difficult to understand is my own upbringing. California has the highest minority population of any state in the Union and growing up in the neighborhood I did means I was the one in the minority. But that was the norm. The biggest culture shock I’ve ever encountered, even more so than fighting through a language barrier in another country, was moving to a rural area where I was suddenly surrounded by nothing but white people.

It boggles my mind More >

Virginia Geocaching [podcast]

Hey Team,

Sorry I haven’t gotten a video up in a few days. My internet connection in Virginia was just WAY too slow. Here’s one of the videos from last week and the next podcast will skip ahead to my hitchhiking adventure to keep things on track!


I’m done.


Lookit what you can do!

Or you could just donate your time to promotion…that would work too.

Beware Rampant Optimism

Hey Team,

You know how I said that in my head I believe I lead a semi-charmed life? Well, something terrible happened today.

I intended to set out in the early morning to maximize time spent by the side of the road in the hopes of hitchhiking to Nashville, TN from Charlottesville, VA. Unfortunately, because I was up until 6am trying to organize a place to stay, just in case by some miracle I actually made it the 548 miles to Nashville, I ended up sleeping until 10am and wasn’t packed and ready to leave until 11:30.

Then an awesome goodbye lunch and a generous ride to the freeway, both courtesy of Mitchell, meant I wasn’t officially trying to catch a ride until almost 1pm. From there things went pretty much on par with the first hitchhiking attempt. It was a lot of standing around in the bitter cold, with a cardboard sign, vainly hoping for a little generosity. About an hour deep into “the boring” I decided my sign was to blame and made a newer, less informative sign in the hopes it would be easier to read at high speed.

Another half hour later I got my first bite. “Which way More >

Stupid Grenade

Hey Team,

Sorry to leave everyone hanging after yesterday’s post. I seem to have chosen the intelligent route for the first time in the last six months…scratch that. Let’s start over.

Hey Team,

Sorry to leave everyone hanging after yesterday’s post. I seem to have delayed my bad decision making skills by twenty-four hours. First thing in the morning I’m going to take another swing at #15 and re-attempt hitchhiking. There are a couple bits that should be pointed out.

1. Last time I tried to hitchhike I was kind of in a desperate situation and I wasn’t trying to get very far so this time I have a little more to be nervous about.

2. For some reason I decided it would be a good idea to hitchhike to Nashville. I wish I could explain my train of thought here…but I doubt it would make sense. And for some reason I seem to be pretty set on it.

That means tomorrow odds are I will either get to cross off #15 OR I’ll get my posthumous fame from the local newspaper. Wish me luck.

In other news: Look what’s back!!!!

That’s right, Pictures! Being the technical genius that I am, and since I had a day of More >

Impulse vs. Intelligence: Round 1

Hey Team,

I’m unbelievably frustrated at myself right now. I’m sitting here staring at page after page of information on the webernets trying to make a decision about what I should be doing tomorrow. I wish you guys could read this fast enough to give me some timely advice but I’ll need to have made my decision by then…so, way to be no help whatsoever, Team. (Kidding. You’re awesome. Don’t hurt me.)

Here are the facts:

1. There’s a Civil War reenactment tomorrow and Sunday, six hours away in North Carolina.

2. I’m not guaranteed an opportunity to take part in the reenactment.

3. The battlefield is 13.1 miles from the bus stop and the place I have to stay is 16.2 miles from the battlefield and the only transportation options are my feet or hitch hiking.

4. If I stay at the battlefield I’d have to luck into someone with an extra sleeping bag and a willingness to let a stranger share their tent.

5. Low of 31 degrees in NC.

6. There are plenty more Civil War Reenactments scheduled for the winter months.

7. If I go to Alabama to go ride a horse through a covered bridge then I’m giving super short notice to Laura, the More >

Opposites Attract

Hey Team,

Today was a super productive day! (In the sense that taking two steps forward and two steps back is productive. See, it’s funny cause it’s not.) My Florida plans officially, although temporarily, fell through so I spent the better part of the day frantically trying to find somewhere to be where I can make some progress.

There are a couple of really good leads though. I may try to head over to Goldsborough, NC this weekend to take part in a Civil War reenactment. I have a place to stay and there’s definitely a reenactment going on, it’s mostly a matter of getting a hold of someone that can give me an idea of whether or not I can participate. I am armed with phone numbers for tomorrow though!

Other options include horse riding in Alabama, hill climbing in Florida and sailing in Virginia. Wish me luck.

On an actually really for real productive note I finally managed to finish cataloging ten hours of video and send off the used tapes and some other peripheral items to free up some space in my backpack. (I realize I have a tendency to anthropomorphize my possessions, especially if I spend any appreciable amount of More >

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